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Hello! Welcome To AIMH ♥

[This is me: rocking the plum lipstick for autumn already – believe me, I don’t hang about!]

All In My Head is a place where I share the best beauty hacks, honest and real reviews, insights into the newest makeup and skin care products, and so much more.

I decided to create a place where women could come and they don’t end up feeling inferior. I want women to be able to read my posts, and actually be able to buy the products – because they don’t cost the earth! These things need to be realistic and achievable; things you can actually have for yourself!

High-street and drugstore brands are smashing it these days; you don’t need to spend a fortune to look amazing: let me show you how!

I have been obsessed with makeup from a young age, and I always used to steal my mother’s lipsticks. I gained the nickname Lipstick Lil because I would have it smeared on my lips at every possible opportunity!


I also want to pass on my knowledge of things that young women aren’t always taught about. I’ve learnt that if I want something doing, it’s best to go ahead and do it for myself, and not expect someone else to do it. It’s down to me to make sure I look after myself, my home, and my money, and no-one should be doing those things for me! I have taught myself how to budget, how to move house, how to control my home’s finances, and much more.

I know that if I can provide at least one person with a useful piece of information that will help them with their life, then I will be happy! I want to share the secret of how to be in control of your life & look good doing it!

I’ve also moved into a new line of business – blogging consultancy! If you are looking for someone to look over your blog and give advice on areas to improve, or you’ve got an issue with your site and aren’t sure what to do, please get in touch! I am offering this service on a first come first serve basis – with an hourly rate charge of £45.00, or we can work out a plan if something else would suit your situation better!

Please use the Contact Me form if you would like to discuss this further. I will review your site for free! We can then work out what needs doing, anything that needs looking at, including social media, and work out a plan of action.

[I have ran All In My Head for 5 months, reached a combination of 1.2k followers in that time, and transformed my site from a Blogger hobby to a WordPress business – with nearly 7k views in 4 months on WP. I have a background in customer service, computer software and providing service solutions in the B2B industry].

There’s so much that I want to share with you all, and I want to thank you for sticking with me this far! Please subscribe by clicking the link below, if you would like future posts straight to your inbox. Keep your eye out for giveaways, exclusive discount codes, and more! [We respect your privacy and treat your email as such].

PLUS – you get your free PDF guide on The Perfect Pamper Session – AIMH’s top tips for that well-deserved me time 🙂

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