Beautiful Home – Inspo From My Mother!

Simple But Effective!

My mum has a beautiful home. She is very house proud, and makes a lot of effort to make her home lovely and welcoming. She doesn’t make her rooms overcrowded or cluttered with things. Also, she has a way of making simple things look very high-end!

I want to share with you some of the things she uses to decorate her home, and hopefully give you some inspiration like it does me!

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Plant Power

A lot of the decorations my mum uses are related to nature. She loves flowers, and uses both fresh and fake ones. She also has a lot of plants in her home, which give it a really fresh and natural feel.

Here are some of my favourites!

blue flowers in a white retro ceramic jar

These are fake flowers, and they are really striking. They are on an end table in the corner of the sun room, and they really stand out against the cream walls, and mahogany unit. I love blue flowers; you don’t see them very often, and this makes them feel special to me.

purple flowers in a glass jar

I love the glass jar these are in, and the mixture of purple, pink and cream flowers. They are in the window, and they look lovely, especially when the sun is out! These are also fake flowers. When I wandered around mum’s house today, I noticed she doesn’t actually have any fresh flowers in at the moment! I’ll have to take her some next time I see her.

red berries in blue jar

This is one of my favourite items in the house. The pale powder blue looks beautiful contrasting against the bright red berries. My mum has this in her dining room and it adds a lovely splash of colour to the room. A lot of the rooms in my mother’s house have cream/beige walls, and she uses colourful extra pieces to bring interest to the space.

Red and green leaf plant in red plant pot

This plant is in my mum’s den. It’s in a lovely, shiny red pot, which stands out nicely against the dark grey painted drawers that it’s on. I’m not sure what the plant actually is, so if anyone knows, please feel free to let me know in the comments 🙂

Finally, my mum has this fake lavender plant in a beautiful blue patterned vase. It sits underneath a lovely gilded-framed mirror in the dining room. It’s on the opposite side of the room to the blue jar! I love the way the colour of the vase stands out against the gold of the mirror.

I love the ways my mum uses flowers and plants in her home. It’s something I don’t do myself now that I have a home of my own, and I really want to start! They add a lovely element to the room, and they are good for you too. I’ve read that different plants can have different effects,

Looking after fresh flowers is something I’m not very good at! I’ve killed a few little house-plants that I’ve bought and so maybe it would be best for my to go for the fake flowers instead! Or just take the time to make sure I don’t kill them! I think you can buy plants that have a little more stamina, so I might have a little research and see what I can find.

My mum gets her flowers, both fake and fresh, from the garden centre she owns with my step dad, so I might have a look there too, and see what I can find 🙂

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