Hire Me

Hi, Laura here! Welcome to AIMH Blogging Consultancy.

I provide Blogging Consultancy services on a wide range of topics, from traffic to content, social media to WordPress. We will work 1-1 on your site, and discuss the issues that are frustrating you the most. Maybe you are writing outstanding content but can’t seem to get people to read it. Or maybe you have no idea which social media platforms to be on that will impact your blog the most.

I can provide you with the answers you need, in a way that you can implement, and I will support you every step of the way!

If you want more information – please check out my About Me page.

If you are a brand or a blogger, and are looking to work with me, please click here: Work With AIMH.

You can also join the AIMH Resources Library for blogging guides, tips & templates! You’ll need to enter your email address to gain access and you will immediately be sent your password. This is updated regularly, and will continue to be free for a limited amount of time – get in FREE now!

The difference between hiring me or paying for an online course? 

I will give you specific, personal advice that is tailored to YOU and YOUR SITE. I won’t be giving generic tips that could help anyone but not necessarily you. I won’t be a voice in a video that doesn’t give you something real or actionable.

I will look at YOUR SITE, and decide on the best options and solutions you need to improve your blog and your business. I will talk you through the steps and you can ask me questions directly because we’ll be instant messaging throughout the whole process. No awkward Skype calls, or crappy videos that drop out every 10 seconds.

Just me and you, talking about your blog and your business.

Do You Need To Take Action?

If you are a blogging beginner and need help with getting your site off the ground, or you’ve been going for some time but have hit a wall, then look no further!

As a Blogging Consultant, it’s my job to give you the tools and advice you need to go from an idea to a growing, fully functioning website of your own. No matter what your niche, I can provide support and advice. Whatever is frustrating you the most, we can deal with it.

Are you stuck and have no idea what to do?

That’s where I come in! 

What I Offer Support For

  • setting up your WordPress blog
  • using WordPress, writing posts, and creating pages
  • site issues with WordPress – slow load times, image issues, design problems
  • helping you understand self-hosting
  • what is worth spending your money on and what isn’t
  • lack of traffic & traffic building techniques
  • building an email list from scratch
  • writing and content advice
  • resources and plugin recommendations and implementation
  • social media assistance and growing techniques
  • and much more!

My Experience

I created a WordPress business from a basic Blogger site in less than 6 months, reached over 8k views, and have a combined following of over 2,500 people. I have grown my Twitter following from 62 to over 1.3k in three months, and I’ve grown my Instagram from around 200 to over 800 in the same amount of time. I am passionate about writing, blogging, social media, and advertising. I’ve worked in customer service, computer software and B2B service solutions for around 5 years.

My Service

I am dedicated to my clients, and provide all the support I can give. Before agreeing any work, I will provide a free discussion regarding your blog and the area that you want to focus on, and will then perform a site review. Once I am happy to continue, we will arrange a date and time for your appointment. I will give you a quotation for the support based on the level of the problem and the work that will need to be undertaken. I usually work on the premise of £45 p/h and will make sure you are fully aware and happy of any costs. We will proceed once payment has been cleared, and this must be via PayPal.

If you would like to discuss hiring me, please email me at laurajacquesaimh@gmail.com or contact me using the form below!

ALL SITE REVIEWS ARE FREEand will be done before a decision is made to undertake the work.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


  • I am not a web developer – if you’ve messed about with your coding or it’s seriously broken, I might not be able to fix it and would advise you before any payment is taken
  • I work on an hourly service – starting at £45 an hour: believe me, we can get a lot done in an hour!
  • Plans can be worked out if you require long-term assistance and monitoring for your website
  • I focus on WordPress – because that’s what I use and know, so please bear that in mind!
  • I only accept payment via PayPal