Brand Spotlight: GOSH

My First Brand Spotlight!

I love GOSH, and so I decided to do a brand spotlight! I wanted to focus on this brand and the products that I absolutely love from them. This is the start of a monthly Brand Spotlight series, to showcase my favourite brands and hopefully introduce you to some new products to try out.

GOSH are a cruelty-free, vegan brand which I know means a lot. I’ve got a lot of faith in a brand so dedicated to reducing the harm in cosmetics. There are so many brands going in that direction and I love that I’ve found this affordable brand with amazing products, that has those kinds of morals and beliefs.

I love finding new brands to try out and when I read good reviews it definitely helps me make decisions on which products I want to try next. I love being able to give people my own honest reviews and recommendations, because I know that it makes a massive difference in how you feel about a product!

Let’s have a look at my favourite products from GOSH and why I love them so much 🙂

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Makeup – £7.99 at Superdrug

This is my absolute life-saver product! As someone who really struggles with oily, spot-prone skin, I really need a foundation that is going to help keep the shine at bay all day long. This one really does the trick, especially with my all-time favourite setting powder on top from H&M! It stays matte and fresh looking all day, and I am always so impressed by how well it’s held during a busy day.

Another important thing is coverage! The X-Ceptional Wear Makeup starts off as medium coverage, but is buildable which is what I look for. I don’t want it to be too thick and cakey, and so I love to be able to build it up in the places I need it. My spots aren’t always really bad, and so when it’s behaving itself, I prefer to go for a lighter makeup look. This foundation is perfect for that because it works in both ways!

The range also has a wide enough variety of colours for paler skin tones, but doesn’t really have anything for darker tones which is a bit of a disappointment as not everyone would be able to use it. On the plus side, as someone who is pretty ghostly white, the shade Porcelain is actually the right colour for me! It’s rare I find a foundation that doesn’t make me look orange, so definitely a bonus!

Another great point to mention is that it contains vitamin E which makes it moisturising for the skin too.

I’m also really impressed with the price. You get a decent sized tube – 35ml – which has lasted me quite some time, and for £7.99 it’s definitely a bargain!

GOSH Natural Blush in Rose Whisper – £7.99 at Superdrug

I adore this blush and I wear it literally every day. It’s such a beautiful subtle flush of colour and the Rose Whisper shade suits my skin tone to a T. I bought it on a whim really, and I had no idea how much I was going to love it. It’s perfect for all seasons which makes it such a versatile product.

It doesn’t contain any shimmer, and is more of a matte blush, which is definitely what I prefer. I find that a shimmery blush is too much in the day for me, and makes me feel too overdone!

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipsticks – £7.99 at Superdrug

These lipsticks are amazing, and I’ve been wearing them so much lately! My favourite shades are Nougat, which is a light chocolate-brown, and Boheme, which is a really deep plum colour. They both work so well for Autumn and I’ve been alternating between the two pretty much every day!

These two photos show the different colours in action! As you can see they both give a completely different look but they suit my skin tone quite well 🙂

As you can see the plum really is the perfect tone for Autumn, and works really well with the dark eyeshadow. The brown shade is great for a more natural look, and goes well with toned down eyeshadow 🙂



I hope you’ve enjoyed the brand spotlight for GOSH! If you use any GOSH products that you absolutely love, please let me know in the comment section below 🙂


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