Go Hard Or Go Home; My Favourite Bands/Artists

This is a bit more of a personal post, and it might come as a bit of a surprise if you’re a regular reader of mine! I love beauty and makeup, and heavy rap, metal and rock music!

I want to share with you my favourite bands and hopefully give you an insight into a kind of music you might not have listened to before.

I have a pretty varied taste in music; one minute I could be listening to Papa Roach, and the next it could be Britney Spears. Hey, there’s a lot to enjoy out there!

After my ex left in 2014, I spent two years single, and spending time on myself. I wanted to know who I was by myself, and explore the things I actually liked. I started getting tattoos, and my music taste developed into what it is now! I love the fact of listening to bands that write their own songs and play actual instruments!

So, without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

Hollywood Undead

These guys are siiiick. They are an American rap-metal band, who write some pretty damn badass tunes. When they came to the UK in April 2016, I saw them in Norwich, and they were literally amazing. You know when a band sounds just like they do on their CDs? HU are definitely one of those bands.

I got a Hollywood Undead tattoo a couple of years ago too – it’s their dove and grenade sign, and it’s pretty awesome 😉

If you’re new to HU, check out Lion, We Are, Dead Bite, and Pigskin. There are so many awesome songs, but if you’re easily offended, I would be careful! Some of their lyrics are a bit offensive…

Hollywood Undead
Credit: Jikoman

I Prevail

This band is relatively new. They released their debut album in October 2016, and they are freaking awesome. They’re quite a lot heavier than HU! They’re definitely worth a listen. I’m in love with the fourth track on their album Lifelines called Come and Get It. Check it out on YouTube! I’ve listened to it like a thousand times…

Oh, and their singer Brian’s voice is lush! They kick arse. You really need to listen to their stuff, it’s worth it.

I Prevail
Credit: WGRD

Of Mice and Men

I absolutely love Of Mice and Men. They write some awesome songs. You need to check out Broken Generation and Would You Still Be There.

They have had one of the band members leave recently due to ill-health, so it’ll be interesting to see how they go forward with things. Austin Carlile left at the end of 2016, [the frontman], but the band is set to carry on, fingers crossed. I hope they do continue to make music because they are awesome!

Of Mice and Men
Credit: Kerrang!

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