How To Create A Blog Schedule That Works For You

I Love Organisation…

When I started All In My Head, I didn’t have any kind of plan. I was just going to write posts and hope that people read them! I had no idea how much I was going to love it, how nice people were going to be about what I write, and the opportunities it would present me with. As I’ve grown over the past months, I decided it was about time to create a blog schedule. I needed something to stop me feeling overwhelmed whilst I tried to keep up with #allthethings.

So I created my blog schedule and I want to share with you how you can create one for yourself. It’s all about organisation, time-management, and focusing on the important things!

We all want to manage our time better, and be able to control our day. Sometimes time seems to run away from me and I knew I needed to get it all down on paper, so that I can look at it and see what I need to do.

When you’re running your own business and working for yourself, there’s no set hours, or lunch breaks, and you don’t have anyone on your back. There’s no boss giving you orders! You’re the boss! You have to make sure that you’re planning your day and getting things done like you would if it was any other job. Unless you treat it like a business, it’ll never become one!

Let’s jump in with creating your very own blog schedule and get on top of #allthethings!

How to create a blog schedule, that actually works for you! We all want something to help us with work, rather than make it more complicated! Enter the AIMH Blogging Planner!
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What You Need

It’s entirely up to you how you go about setting up your schedule. Inside the AIMH Blogging Resources Library there is a planner that you can use for daily, weekly & monthly planning. To gain access simply sign up to the AIMH Squad here.

Personally, I use a notepad and write down everything – mostly because I love physically writing with a pen and paper almost as much as I do typing! I use a beautiful marble covered notepad that I picked up from Primark for £1.99!!

Marble covered notebook used for my blog schedule

I love the Staedtler Triplus fineliner pens, and so I write in black, block capitals in all of my notepads. [I write a bullet journal too]. Usually I love a uniform, minimal look with my writing, because it makes it easier to see what on earth is going on!

There are lots of different elements I include in my blog schedule – to make the most of it and help myself in as many ways as I possibly can. These are what I include in my notepad, and would definitely benefit you too!

What To Include In Your Blog Schedule

My First Page

On my first page of my schedule, I’ve written a little piece about what I want to do with AIMH and what I want it to become. I call this my focus page. I’ve got lots of ideas of how I want to turn it into a full-time career, and so this helps me focus on my goals and reassure myself as to why I am doing it all!

I want to grow and incorporate different elements into my business. It’s useful to have my long-term goals written clearly for me to see every day when I’m using my blog schedule. The reason I want to do this is to have the freedom to be my own boss, make a difference to other people and help them in their blog and their business – and I need my focus to be on that.

[With a sprinkle of beauty and lifestyle – because it all comes together to create who I am!].

My Stats

After my focus page, I’ve got my monthly stats written out, with a month to each page. Each time I do my stats [at the end of the month] I compare it to the previous month, and write the amounts my stats have increased by. It helps give me motivation, because I can clearly see what’s gone right this month and what I have improved on. It also helps me to know what I need to focus on more next month.

These are the stats I track in my blog schedule:

  • page views
  • unique visitors
  • likes
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest followers
  • WP followers
  • email subscribers
  • total amount of posts
  • top ten viewed posts and amount of views per post

These are the things that I want to focus on and keep my eye on! It helps massively seeing the improvement each month, and it pushes me forward.

I would leave a few pages spare for the rest of the months in the year, so they’re all in order month after month. I am going to do a yearly stats review too – so at the end of December I’ll culminate the entire years’ stats into one and use that for next year. 🙂

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Blog Post Ideas

After the gaps I’ve left for the rest of the months in the year, I have my blog post ideas pages. I’ve got a header on each page, and have left plenty of space for more ideas.

I’ve broken it down into the categories I write: Beauty, Lifestyle & Blogging. I can add to the pages as I go and new ideas come to me. Sometimes I’ll have a little research on Pinterest and Instagram for post ideas, and anything that I like the sound of goes into the blog schedule notebook!

For example, this is my beauty post ideas page:

beauty blog post ideas page for blog schedule

It helps me when I want to write but need an idea to get me started – you’ll never regret starting these lists, I can promise you that now!

Rough Business Plan

After my ideas pages, I have my business plan. This a really rough description of the things I want to do with AIMH and how I want to use it to become a fully functioning business.

If this is something you want to do yourself, I would advise writing down the ways that you want to make money from your site, or already are, and how you are going encourage and grow those things. Mine includes the AIMH Shop, the Blogging Consultancy work I offer, any affiliate marketing networks I use such as AWIN, and anything else that I am working on.

It really helps to have it written somewhere, so that you can clearly see your own plans, and what you are aiming for in the long run. It helps you stay focused and concentrate on the things that really matter to you and your business!

My Blog Promises

This might seem like a strange one, but it’s something that is sooo beneficial to me! I can be forgetful sometimes, and certainly when I’m writing numerous posts a week, sending newsletters to my subscribers, and connecting with people on social media, there’s a lot to remember. And so I created my blog promises list!

When I promise my readers something within any of the above contact, I write it in my blog promises section. They’re there, easy for me to see, and I never forget them!

So, if you promise to do a weekly post – write it on the list.

If you promise to review a certain product – you know it, write it on that list!

You will never lose track if you’ve got a nice little list, and you can simply tick them off once you’re done. Life-saver or what?! Not only is it useful for organisation’s sake, but also from a brand perspective. If you make your readers a promise, then you should be fulfilling that promise. They will lose faith in you if they see you making promises you don’t keep!

My Blog To-Do List

Another massively useful page, I have a to-do list for any ideas that pop into my head that I want to think about, research, or implement into AIMH. It could be anything, from designing a new graphic for my Shop, or changing the colour on my Twitter profile! If it’s something I want or need to do, it goes on the list.

The Planning!

This next part is where the real planning comes in, and the notepad actually becomes a blog schedule! It’s going to be very personal to you, your blog, and your business. You will need to think about your own way of working, and what you want to include for each section. However, some things will be the same, and I am happy to let you in on the things I include in mine.

I write these as simple bullet points, that are separated by a line so that I can look at it and see everything with a glance, rather than having to pick through the information. It just makes it clearer for me, but obviously you can set it out however you like, and what ever way works best for you.

Daily Blog Tasks

This is the first page in my actual blog schedule. They are things that I have to do every day for my blog. I do try to give myself some time away from blogging, but it tends to be that I don’t do it! I actually end up working on my blog, in some form or another, every day of the week!

Included in my list is:

  • reply to all comments on my blog
  • share 1-3 photos on Instagram
  • check my emails
  • fill up my Buffer schedule
  • check social media and get involved with sharing, retweeting and engaging with people
  • check my daily stats on Google Analytics

These are the things that need daily attention from me, and my blog would suffer if I didn’t do them!  There might be different things for you, so have a think about the things that you already do on a daily basis, and how necessary each of those things is.

Weekly & Monthly Blog Tasks

Exactly the same principle as daily tasks; weekly and monthly tasks are the things you have to do once a week or once a month, and are less regular in your routine.

For me, that includes things such as writing my brand spotlight, to be scheduled for the 24th of each month, or writing my weekly newsletter to my email subscribers.

Again this is a personal thing, and only you know what you do and what you need to do each week and each month. Take some time to get out all the things you do, and work out the frequency of each of them. You could use scrap paper, and then divide them all out on to the correct page for each task! What ever works best for your blog and your life.

Weekly Blog Schedule

Once I’d got a page with each of my tasks and the timeframe for each, the next thing I did was create my weekly blog schedule. I wrote down each day of the week, and planned out when I was going to do each of my weekly and monthly tasks.

Obviously the daily ones will be done every day, and so I just do those as and when throughout the day. But with the rest of the things, this is where the blog schedule comes in to make sure that they actually get done!

So, on a Monday, I have my newsletter scheduled to go out to my subscribers. On a Tuesday, I fill up my Tailwind schedule for Pinterest for the whole week. And so on, until each task has a place. Include ‘checking your monthly tasks’ as one of these, so they don’t get missed out too!

Having this kind of day-to-day plan makes life a breeze compared to what it was like before. I was writing content, managing my social media, creating my resources library, taking photos, planning emails, and trying to do #allthethings just constantly. I didn’t have time to think!

This way, I know exactly what needs doing when, and I can focus on writing content and helping my clients. 

Goals & Aims

Finally, I have a page after my blog schedule pages for my actual goals and aims. These are the things that I am hoping for along my actual business plan. For instance, one of my goals was to reach 1k subscribers on Twitter, which I have since accomplished!

I love having things to strive for, and having a list I can tick off gives me that feeling of success! It also helps me to know that I am growing and making ground on the things I want for myself and for All In My Head as a business.

I hope you’ve found this post useful, and I’ve inspired you to start your own blog schedule! It just makes life so much easier if you’re a blogger, especially if you work as well. Finding time to get everything done can be challenging, but you just need to relax, make a plan, and make it happen!





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    This is such a helpful post! I already do a similar thing but there’s a few little great ideas in there that I can’t wait to incorporate into my organising! x

    • I’m really glad you found it helpful Sophie! Oh that’s great, it just makes life so much easier doesn’t it! 🙂 x

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful!! Oh that’s great, it makes a massive difference in avoiding bloggers burnout doesn’t it?! x

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    Lots of useful tips 🙂