How To Grow Your Twitter Following Organically

Twitter Is My New-Found Obsession

Looking to grow your Twitter following? I certainly am! As a blogger, growing your following on social media is very important. The numbers don’t matter as long as you are growing and engaging your readers! However, having a large following means our content is reaching more people in one go, and that can’t be a bad thing 🙂

I’ve had Twitter since 2012, and to be honest, I NEVER used it. My friends mostly hung out on Facebook and so I used to focus my attention there. But I was missing out! There are so many people on Twitter that are just like me. Bloggers, writers, entrepreneurs and #girlbosses – they’re all there! I decided to focus my attention on growing my profile, and now I want to share with you how to grow your own Twitter following.

Since I started All In My Head and got back into Twitter, I have to admit I’ve become completely obsessed with it. I think it’s because there are so many like-minded people there, and I get to connect with bloggers and entrepreneurs from all across the world. You get to connect with people who do the same things you do and are focusing on #allthethings, just like you are!

I’ve gone from literally having 62 followers at the start of August to 660 followers as we head towards the end of September. That’s a massive growth of over 800%! I’ve loved every second of it – getting new readers to my site, increasing the engagement on my posts, and having inspiring and motivational chats with people who I really connect with.

Do You Want Some Of That?

I bet you do! Making real connections with people, getting new people’s eyes on your content and having people get more involved with your writing is what it’s all about. It’s the reason I wanted to blog in the first place. Knowing that I’m finally helping, encouraging and giving people answers is simply amazing!

I’m going to share with you the exact techniques I used to grow my following, which I am still using now. My current aim is to reach over 1k followers on Twitter – if you aren’t already following me then I would love to connect with you! Get me by clicking here! 🖤

My previous goal was to reach 500, and it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. I wanted to share with you the ways that I reached my goal, and how you can too! Setting yourself goals as a blogger/entrepreneur is such a useful tool – it keeps you on track and helps you know when you’re hitting the mark.

If you are looking for ways to grow your Twitter following, without being spammy or annoying, then you’re in the right place! Without further ado, let’s get straight into it 🙂

1. Tweet Regularly

I can’t stress this one enough. By regularly, I don’t mean once a week, or even once a day! Due to the fast-moving nature of Twitter, your tweets are only seen by a handful of your followers each time you put something out there, and so you can afford to post more often. Write interesting, useful or funny tweets that your ideal audience are likely to enjoy reading. Look at what similar people to you are sharing and follow suit.

I don’t mean copy their stuff – that’s never okay. If you really love someone’s content then retweet it, simple as that! It’s a great way to show you are interested and liked their post. I tend to retweet people’s posts that I find helpful and informative, as I know they will help my ideal audience too. If it compliments your work and your style, then definitely go ahead and hit that RT.

You can even use a scheduling tool and fill it up each day or week. This can make life so much easier as you haven’t got to keep checking back in, which isn’t always possible if you have a day job too. I’m just getting started with Buffer, and I’ve only got positive things to say about it so far. I’m still in the free trial but I think I will setting up the monthly plan, simply because it does what I need it to do!

The more you share, the more people see your content, and that translates into more readers. Make sure you’re sharing links to your content, as well as useful quotes and knowledge that your ideal audience will appreciate. It’s about creating a set of resources that your followers are hooked on!

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2. Follow People – And DON’T UNFOLLOW

This is one of my absolute pet hates, and I just don’t understand it one bit. It’s really spammy and makes people not like you! We should all be supporting each other, not following people to get the follow back and then unfollowing their account. It’s just selfish and rude!

There’s nothing wrong with following lots of people. You get to meet new people, connect and hopefully get a follow back! If they like your content then they’re more than likely going to follow you back.

But by only following people to instantly remove them again, you reduce your likability. We are all in this game together, and there’s no reason you should feel the need to do it! Your following number means nothing – I just don’t understand why having a high or low following figure means anything. It’s never bothered me, and it’s not something I even really notice when I’m looking at other people’s accounts.

If someone writes great content, makes me smile, or posts amazing photos, then I am going to follow them without any shame of what that makes my following count! I urge you to do the same.

There’s nothing worse to me than being that kind of person who cares more about their followers number than they do about creating meaningful connections! What’s the point?! Writing a blog is all about servicing the people who read your content and giving them knowledge, interesting content, or inspiration, and shouldn’t be about pushing yourself to the top with no regard to others who are trying to make their way in the blogging world too.

3. Design A Great Header

A beautifully designed header really draws people attention when they land on your profile. It makes a massive difference in how someone perceives you and your brand. It’s one of the first things that people will see – and a terrible header can be enough to turn people away! It’s sad but true – photos and graphics make all the difference when it comes to people trusting and seeing quality within your brand.

You can either create a header yourself – I used Canva to create mine! I’m in love with Canva – you can read more about it on my post about the resources every blogger needs. It’s just an amazing bit of technology and I love how easy it is to use.

This is my current header on Twitter:

My header for Twitter created on Canva - a great place for creating your own graphics!

It shows off my services and what I offer, whilst keeping my colour theme and branding in mind. It has my logo and then my business details so that anyone coming to my Twitter profile can easily see who I am and what I do!

You can also get someone else to design one for you. There are lots of people who offer it and I’ve seen them advertised at really reasonable prices. You can usually find them on Twitter; or you can get in contact with this lovely lady Sanjida. You can reach her on Twitter or Instagram. She’s not long started out but her work is beautiful. Here are a couple of examples of some of the headers she has created, which she sells from as little as £2.00 each!

Velvet Blogs header design 1

Velvet Blogs header design 2

Like I said, headers are the first thing that people’s eyes land on when they click on your profile. If you are a blogger, it can be a good idea to use the one that you use on your site, or at least one that compliments you and your brand. Use the same colours and fonts etc. If you run a business then you can create a header that briefly and concisely explains what you do. It helps people know who they are following and what they are getting!

4. Participate In Follower Threads

I would definitely say that this has been one of the biggest ways that I’ve used to increase my following so quickly. Once you start following some bloggers you should see these kinds of threads being shared. I create my own sometimes when I’m looking for specific types of people to follow, or I just want to meet new bloggers!

Get involved and make sure that you follow the rules. Follow everyone back, and make sure you abide by Step 2 and don’t simply unfollow everyone again!

Doing this can be so beneficial, and can really help you get build up those followers. Just make sure that you aren’t spammy or annoying!

You can gain hundreds of followers using this technique. Some people don’t agree with it, but personally I think that as long as there are real people behind the accounts that you are engaging with then there’s nothing wrong with it. It helps you to seek out the kinds of people who you want your feed to be filled with, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

5. Engage With People

A massive element of gaining followers is actually engaging with people! Not just the occasional like, but really speaking to people and getting involved. Comment on people’s tweets! Don’t be afraid to – most people are lovely and will comment back. It is social media, and being social is the key to making it work and growing your following.

I’ve spoken to so many lovely people and it really does make all the difference in how I feel about using Twitter. I avoid bitchy or controversial topics, because I don’t want to be involved in that kind of thing! I’m looking to make great connections with positive and nice people and I think this is a great way to increase your following, with the right people.

If you are a blogger, engaging with others is a massive part of your job, especially if you blog as your business. As a blogger, me included, you write for your audience – to help, advise, and entertain. If you aren’t speaking to your readers and potential readers, then you won’t create that open platform where people feel they are connecting to a real person!

Don’t be afraid to comment on people’s tweets and RT those that you really enjoy. Follow people’s accounts and really get out there! There are so many amazing people to connect with on Twitter, and you will miss out if you don’t engage with people and mean it.

And Finally: Enjoy It!

It’s supposed to be a fun environment where you connect with people like yourself, so don’t worry if it’s taking you some time to build up a following! Keep going, follow all the steps above, and you will start to see your following grow!

How do you connect with more people on Twitter? I’d love to hear your tips on ways that you gain a bigger following! Please comment below 🙂


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