How To Use Concealer The Right Way

What Tool Should You Use?

Concealer is supposed to do what it says on the tin – conceal elements of your skin that are less than perfect. For me, it’s the dark circles under my eyes, redness around my nose, and blemishes and scars on my chin.

All you need is a good quality concealer and your choice of application tool. I tend to use my fingers, as I think it gives a more natural, blended look. There are also some great concealer brushes out there – I’ve got a good one from Studio London. It’s double ended, and has a foundation brush on the other end.

The Studio double ended concealer and foundation brush is a great multi-purpose tool - it's got a great tip for applying concealer

Liquid or Stick?

You can use liquid or stick concealer, depending on your own preference. It’s been said that you should use liquid concealer under your eyes as it’s a lighter formula.

However, I’ve found that the stick version can do just as good a job under the eyes, and it’s easier to move around and control!

I use Revlon Photoready Concealer which is simply amazing. Since starting to use it, I’ve tried plenty of others, but I’ve not found one that comes close. It’s a bargain at £6.99 too, which is the ideal price, especially as it’s something you’re likely to use every single day!

It covers dark circles easily, and is also great at covering blemishes and scars from previous outbreaks. It’s light reflecting too – which helps to brighten the area, and looks great on camera.

How To Conceal Bags/Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

This is probably your biggest concern when it comes to what you want to correct. Long days, late nights, and stress can cause dark circles and bags under your eyes. They are one of the things women tend to feel most self-conscious about. I know it is for me! And I’m always looking for ways to improve their appearance.

So, what is the best way to apply concealer to this area?

We are so accustomed to putting concealer in a half-moon shape underneath our eyes, in the direction of our under eye area.

The best way to actually cover this area, is to apply in a large triangle, pointing down your cheek, like so:

the right and wrong way to apply concealer - a subtle change that makes all the difference! check out my post for more details.

Start by drawing the shape using the stick or the wand depending on the type of concealer you are using, and then use your finger, or makeup brush, and blend out the concealer so that there’s no harsh edges.

By doing the triangle shape, you will more seamlessly cover the edge of your dark circles! It will help the whole area look brighter and your complexion look more even, which is definitely what we want!

To set the concealer – you can either dust a light layer of powder over the eye area, or you can bake it.

How To ‘Bake’ Your Concealer

Baking is a really simple process, but can help your makeup stay put all day.

When you’ve finished applying your concealer, use your translucent powder, and apply way too much underneath your eye area, on top of the makeup you applied. You should be able to see it sitting on top of the skin.

Leave for 5 minutes or whilst you do the rest of your makeup, and then use a fluffy powder brush to dust off the excess powder, and you’re good to go! It basically settles into your makeup and soaks up excess moisture before you dust off the extra powder, which helps it stay put for longer.

How To Cover Blemishes

Covering blemishes is the next most important job of concealer. Whether its current spots, or scars from old ones, covering them up can be a bit of a nightmare.

The best way to apply concealer is to dab, not smudge it. Use the tip of your finger, and dab the concealer on top of the spots, which gives better coverage. Use a small tipped brush for this if you prefer, which can make it easier to be precise.

Once you’re happy with the coverage, apply your translucent powder over the top to set it as above.

I use the same technique for the redness around my nose. Use the brush or the tip of your finger, and blend the concealer into the red patches, blending down and inwards towards your nostrils.


Foundation Before Or After Concealer?

Personally, I think if you’re going to wear foundation, it’s best to start with that first, and then apply your concealer on top. If you apply the concealer first, it can end up getting moved around when you’re putting the foundation on top, and ruin the smooth coverage of the concealer. Just start off gently, and go carefully. You can also use a beauty blender if that makes it easier for you. It can help you get the buffed-in, airbrushed look with ease.

A lot of the time, I don’t wear foundation at all, and so I go straight in with concealer. I prefer to wear less makeup during the day, when I’m working or whatever, and then when I go out, I’ll go for a full face of makeup!

I hope that this has made things a bit easier for you 🙂

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