Makeup Tutorial: Toffee Apple Eyeshadow 🍏

Smokey Autumn Eye

This is a new look that I decided to try out. I’ve been swooning over people’s eye makeup on Instagram and Pinterest, and I thought I’d start giving them a go myself 🙂

This Toffee Apple look is going to be great for autumn. Here in the UK it’s already starting to get cooler and it keeps raining, and so it’s time to start planning our autumn styles!

I saw this one on emilynoel83 YouTube channel, and I knew I had to try it. It’s such a stunning and simple look, and it’s quite flattering for blue eyes which is great! It only took around ten minutes to do which is even better!

How To Get The Look:

When doing this kind of eyeshadow look, I start with a bare face and add my concealer/powder etc afterwards. It makes life a lot easier if I mess it up, [which is quite likely as I’m not very well-practiced at this kind of makeup…] You can put a load of translucent powder underneath your eye to catch eyeshadow fall out too.

Step One

Use a medium-sized blending brush and choose a light cappuccino brown for the base colour. Blend this into and very slightly above the crease of your eyelid. Build up the colour gently so that you can control how far up you take it. It should fade out quickly as it goes toward your brows.

The brown I used is from Makeup Revolution – it’s their Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2. This is my absolute go-to eyeshadow palette for everyday looks!

Makeup Revolution - Naturals Eyeshadow Palette

I started with the lighter brown, and then began adding in some of the chocolate brown to add some warmth! You can get the palette from Superdrug here – Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2. It’s just £4.00 and it’s worth every penny. I use it pretty much every single day, as you can use it for natural day looks, and go all out for a night-time look!

Step Two

Next, use your finger and pat concealer right on to the main part of your eyelid, between your lash line and the crease. Using the concealer gives you a better base for brighter colours, and helps them stand out more! You can also apply a layer of matte white eyeshadow on top of the concealer for an even more dramatic effect.

I used the Fit Me! Concealer from Maybelline, which is a bargain at £5.99. I use the shade Light as my skin is so pale!

Step Three

Using a smaller blending brush, I layered up a cool green tone on top of the concealer. Don’t go into the brown too much – concentrate on building the colour up below it. Use the tip of the brush to bring it into the corner of your eye too!

Once I’d gone with the lighter green, I used a slightly darker one to add some depth. Simply blend this on top of the lighter one.

The palette I used for the greens is from Makeup Academy. It’s called Silent Disco Eyeshadow Palette which is also only £4.00. They’re not as super pigmented as some, but for £4.00 it means you can happily layer up and not worry about it!

Makeup Academy Palette - Silent Disco - Brights

This palette is freaking awesome! Such stunning colours 

Step Four

Once you’re happy with your toffee apple toned eyeshadow, the next step is eyeliner. I went for Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Precision Micro Eyeliner. It’s great for a newbie to liquid eyeliner as the tip is really thin, and you can add to it rather than going straight in! I didn’t go for much of a flick, I just lined the top of my lash line.

Step Five

Finally, coat your lashes in a good few coats of mascara – there’s a few good ones I’m using at the moment, but for this look I went for my trusty L’Oreal Paris Million Lashes So Couture in Black.

This is the finished look:


toffee apple eyeshadow tutorial

toffee apple eyeshadow autumn look - makeup tutorial

Let me know in the comments below what you think! 🙂

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