Mascara Comparison – Save, Spend And Splurge!

I’ve tried three different types of mascara this week, that are all very similar in what they promise.

Whilst they are all claim to be volumising and lengthening, whether they actually deliver is another matter!

I want to share with you what was good about each, and how they compare to each other.

Mascara is really important to me, and is the staple of my makeup bag. I’ve tried maybe fifty different types of mascara over the years, from many of the different brands out there, and I think a lot of women have done the same, searching for their perfect one!

I’ve got the one I use everyday, which is in this list, and I felt it only fair to mention that fact. 
I am going into this open-minded, I promise!

I’ve had the opportunity this week to try out a couple of new ones; one because I bought it because of some hype I’ve seen about it, and one because my sister didn’t like the consistency, and gave it to me to try out.

I’m going to start with the product that is the cheapest, and go from there 🙂

This is my lashes before any mascara; please excuse my expression, I was concentrating on getting my lashes visible!

As you can see, I really need mascara! It makes a massive difference!

If I’m feeling pretty good about my skin that day, I might just wear mascara and brow gel, and that’s it. It’s enough for me to feel groomed and myself, but without having to cover my skin with makeup! 

Also, my lashes are almost stained black from the constant use of mascara, but I did have a lash tint a couple of months ago that is holding its own!

My bottom lashes however, not so much. More like non-existent…

So, let’s get into the comparison of these three mascaras!

Save – Maybelline Lash Sensational – Richest Black – £8.99

This is the mascara that I’ve heard all the hype about, and to be honest, I can totally see why it’s been getting it!

It’s a really thick formula, and you can see how it coats every lash. 

It’s got a good brush too, which separates your lashes as it goes, and you can really feel it combing through, which is good for making sure it captures each and every lash,

On the bottle, it states that it has a ‘multiplying’ effect, which I would agree with. It makes quite a difference to my lashes! 

It’s definitely worth the £8.99 in my eyes! (On them more than in them…).


As you can see, this mascara really has made quite a difference to the length and volume of my lashes! Unfortunately, it’s a little bit gloopy on my bottom lashes, which may be my fault! I’m going to work on that…

But it’s a really great mascara, and especially for just £8.99!

Spend – L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture – Noir/Black – £10.99

This is the mascara I use on a daily basis. It’s been the one that I’ve been the most impressed with after all my trials and tribulations, and I’ve been using it religiously for a couple of years now.

That’s kind of the reason why I wanted to try some of the new offerings on the market, and find out whether I’m missing out in any way!

This is such a wearable mascara; it’s not thick or gloopy, and it really spreads out your lashes as it goes. 

It’s got thin and slightly tapered brush, which is great for reaching all the tiny lashes at the inner corners, and the formula is volumizing without being thick.

As you can see, it’s not actually as volumizing as the Maybelline Sensational Lashes, and it has a little more of a clumping element to it. It doesn’t really pull out my bottom lashes and make them stand out either.

Maybe I need to change my regular mascara!!

The L’Oreal does come off a little easier than the Maybelline mascara however, which I think is due to it being less thick.

Splurge – Clinique High Impact Mascara – 01 Black – £18.00

Now this is the most expensive mascara by far. I don’t usually spend this much on products if I’m honest. I know some woman swear by spending more, but I feel that a product is only as good as the quality, and not the name on the packet, or the price paid.

If something is cheap, but it works, then I’m going to use that, and why wouldn’t I?

The formula of the Clinique mascara is very glossy and smooth, and it glides on nicely.

I think it’s probably a little wetter in consistency than both the other two mascaras, which can be more messy!

I like the brush with the Clinique; it’s big and chunky, and gets the job done quickly, but it’s really hard to build up the dramatic effect that I like.

It didn’t seem to matter how many times I went over the lashes, it just didn’t seem to build very well unfortunately.

As you can see, the Clinique really doesn’t compare to either of the others when it comes to building volume.

Its got a nice formula for applying, but just isn’t dramatic enough for me. It may be great for someone who only likes a light layer of mascara.

The Results!

So, there you have it. My verdict has definitely got to be that the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara hits all the spots! 

The effect on my lashes was the most noticeable, for both volume, and length, and at the cheapest price, is now my new go-to mascara!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. Let me know your favourite mascara in the comments below 🙂