My New Favourite Blogs Autumn 2017

I ♡ Finding New Blogs!

Don’t we all?! It’s one of my favourite things to find on the internet! There are so many talented women out there, writing about the things they are passionate about, and I love coming across a new blog that excites me.

I found these blogs through Twitter, where there are so many talented women to read about!

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I recently did a poll on Twitter, to find out what you wanted to hear about this week. The most votes were for a post on my new favourite bloggers – so here we are!

There are so many interesting and inspiring blogs out there, and I want to share my new favourites with you all. I believe in supporting each other, and doing what we can to help each other out. We shouldn’t be seeing other bloggers as competition, we should be seeing them as colleagues. We’re all in this game together, and everyone has their own, unique story to tell.

Twitter - The best way to find new blogs!

Gemma Hughes

I found this site today – and I love it already! Gemma writes about lifestyle, travel, and blogging. If you’re wanting to start a blog or you already have one running – Gemma has some really useful and motivating posts which are definitely worth a read. I really enjoyed her post Habits You Need To Become A Successful Blogger which gives some insight into the kinda attitudes and processes to keep in mind!

I subscribed to her mailing list whilst I was on her site, because I want to keep track of her posts and read them as they come!

Maria. J

I’ve really been enjoying reading Maria’s posts lately. She writes about a wide range of topics [just like me!], including beauty, fashion, travel, and blogging. Her site is stunning – I love the setup and the minimalistic colour theme!

Her post titles are great and really compel you to read her posts, which is something I want to work on myself. Definitely excited to keep reading her posts!


Emmy seems like a really sweet person, and it comes through in her writing which I love! She explains she got into blogging when she was housebound for over two years and I think that’s really inspiring. I decided to get into blogging as a creative outlet because of my anxiety and depression. Blogging can help give you a platform where you can share your experiences, and I love that Emmy has turned hers into such a lovely blog!

She writes all kinds of posts, but I particularly love her beauty posts – she is really honest and writes in a way that makes you want to read more! I will certainly be keeping in touch with her new posts too.

There You Have It!

So these are my new favourite blogs! I hope you can check them all out and have a read – I promise it’s well worth it! There are a lot of other blogs that I read so I’d be here forever trying to list them all. These are my current top 3!

I also wrote another post about my favourite bloggers a couple of months back – check it out here: My Favourite Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers

Who are your favourite bloggers? Who do you go back to again and again? I’d love to hear, leave a comment below 🙂

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  • Kirsty Moody

    I love how you’ve shared other bloggers as well as promoting yourself, this is such a lovely idea and made me want to see more about them! Would love if you checked out my blog: x

  • They are definitely some bloggers worth checking out! I love promoting others, we are all in the same boat and should be helping each other out 🙂 Thanks Kirsty, will have a look! 🙂 x