My Tattoos & What They All Mean

Tattoos – Not For Everyone!

I know that tattoos aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t see the point, or they don’t think they would suit them, or they simply don’t like them. And I get that, and I think that it’s entirely up to you. It’s your body!

Personally, I love tattoos. I’ve got a few, and my boyfriend’s got quite a lot too. I think they’re striking and they are a great way to express yourself. It’s only skin, and it really shouldn’t impact your life that much. I don’t understand the issues surrounding employment and tattoos either – unless it’s something obscene or offensive on a place where people would see it, then I don’t see why it affects your ability to do a job. That’s my opinion anyway!

But, I guess that if you’re reading this post, then more than likely you like tattoos, and so let me show you what I’ve got πŸ™‚

My Bracelet Tattoo

This is my most recent tattoo, and it means a lot to me. I got it because I’ve been struggling with my anxiety and depression a lot recently, and wanted something to help me focus on the positive.

It’s a symbol of keeping strong, and a reminder that I’ve come this far. I loved the design – it’s like an infinity symbol, which I chose to remind myself of the fact that life will always go on.

My infinity bracelet tattoo - to help remind me to stay strong!

My Harry Potter Tattoo

I’m definitely a Harry Potter nerd. I’ve been a massive fan since I read the books growing up, and I will happily sit and watch the movies at any time!

I got my Harry Potter tattoo genuinely because I love the whole HP world so much, and I love the Marauder’s Map! I want to expand on it with more and I will do one day.

People have laughed at me because of it, but you know what? I’m happy with it, and I don’t regret it one bit. Tattoos are an expression of you, and what you love in this world, and I’m not afraid to say I love Harry Potter!

My Harry Potter tattoo! Mischief managed indeed...

My Kingfisher Tattoo

I chose my kingfisher tattoo because of my Nana. She passed away in 2012, atΒ 79, after struggling with her lungs for a long time. It’s extremely sad when someone you love dies. She was the first person to die that I’d been close to and so it was really hard to come to terms with.

But she always wore a kingfisher pin, and when she died, it was given to me. I had the tattoo so that I would always have a part of her with me, watching over me. It’s on my right shoulder-blade, and it’s the tattoo I get the most compliments about!

It’s so colourful, and it’s definitely one of my favourites.

my kingfisher tattoo

An Eighteen Year Old’s Mistake…

This tattoo is the only one I regret. I did a stupid thing when I got it. I had just turned eighteen, and I had my first tattoo as one of my birthday presents. There was this tribal design that my then-boyfriend drew, and I got the design traced and tattooed on my back.

Naive right? Yup.

The relationship ended on pretty bad terms a few years later, and even now, six years after I had it done, I hate it. I will get it covered up soon; it’s next on my tattoo to-do list!

But that’s a lesson I won’t soon forget. Don’t ever get something tattooed permanently on your body that could backfire because of a short-lived situation!

It’s really ugly too – and sooo faded. I cannot wait to get rid of it :/ Excuse the lines on my back – not sure where they came from…

I’m actually so embarrassed by this tattoo…

My Hollywood Undead Tattoo

I love Hollywood Undead – you can read more about them on my post here:Β Go Hard Or Go Home; My Favourite Bands/Artists. I got the tattoo on my ribcage, and let me tell you, it was THE most painful experience of my life I think! I’m naturally quite skinny, and I don’t have a lot of fat on my sides – I’m like a stick, no curves whatsoever πŸ™

Because of that, getting the tattoo was excruciating – it was like the needle was scraping on my bones. Yeah, not nice! It’s a pretty lush tattoo though, and I do love it, so I guess it was worth it!!

The only thing is the writing – it’s not the best, although please believe me when I say I’m 99.9% sure it was my fault because I must have moved sooo much whilst it was being done!

My HU tattoo

My Cupcake Tattoo

My last tattoo is a tiny cupcake on my ankle. I got it a few months after the disastrous ex tattoo, because I really enjoyed the tattoo process and wanted another one.

It’s just a silly little tattoo, and I’ll have it covered over one day because it’s pretty crappy and faded now! It’s quite childish, but it doesn’t really bother me as it’s so small!

There you go! It’s been quite interesting doing this post, because it’s made me realise which tattoos I really hate and need to get sorted out, and which ones I really love! I’m going to be saving like mad to get that ugly af tribal heart covered over…

There’s so many more that I want too – my plan is to have my entire right leg covered. Obviously it’s going to cost quite a lot, and I’ve got other things to pay for at the moment, but I can’t wait to get started on it! πŸ™‚

I hope you’ve found this post interesting! I would love to hear about your experiences with tattoos, so please drop me a comment below πŸ™‚




  • Belle 🌿✌

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This!! 😍😍 better than I could have ever imagined. Also I love that you have all these stories that come along with your tattoos and it shows a bit of you
    Or your history. ❀ thanks for posting I really enjoyed this 😍 xx

    • Aww thanks lovely!! Glad you like the HP tattoo πŸ˜› I’m really glad you enjoyed it, it’s one I’ve been meaning to write for some time. It’s definitely a lot more personal that things I normally write but I like doing that kinda thing now and again πŸ™‚ xx