What I Have On My Bedside Table!

The last thing at night and the first thing in the morning 

Our bedside tables are those places where some of our most treasured possessions live. We put those late night items on them, and take our most used daily items from them in the morning. They are usually one of the most used items of furniture we own!

Come and have a nosy at the things I keep on mine, and the reasons why!

bedside table with marble contact paper & my essential bedside items
Looking extremely tidy for once!

My bullet journal

I keep my bullet journal next to my bed overnight, and in my bag during the day. I keep it next to me at night in case I have a dream or a thought about something and I need to write the details down so that I don’t forget it!

Bullet journalling has become a massive part of life and I have mine with me at all times. They’re just so useful!

My watch

There’s nothing more frustrating for me than when I leave the house without putting my watch on! I feel naked without it, and periodically check the empty space on my arm for the time, which obviously does nothing to help me whatsoever!

Having it by my bedside, or on my dressing table, can really help me actually put it on before I leave the house!

my grey and rose-gold watch that I wear daily
Looking a little scruffy now!

It’s a lovely grey and rose gold one from Newlook, which I talk about in my post – Want To Know What Came In Today’s Newlook Delivery?

Wearing a watch has something that I’ve started to do relatively recently, but I love it and I will keep wearing it long-term. There’s some really beautiful ones on Pinterest, especially Cluse ones – check out my jewellery & watches board here:  https://uk.pinterest.com/lauramayjacques/jewellery/


This is for obvious reasons – to tell the time! I don’t use it as an alarm clock, I use my phone, as it’s easier to manage and I can set multiple alarms to make sure I drag my sorry arse out of bed on time for work!

My bluetooth music box

Underneath my clock is my music box. I can connect my phone to either via bluetooth, or by plugging it in, and play my music from my phone or YouTube. It was a present from my mum for Christmas in 2015 and I use it all the time. It plays music crisply and clearly, and can go quite loud when I fancy a bit of Of Mice and Men blasting out!

It’s from a brand called Fresh ‘N’ Rebel and you can get it in Coral by clicking the image to go to their page on Amazon.


I keep two products by my bed – as they are the only kinds of products that I would need right near to me.

I have my Yes to Coconut hand and cuticle cream, which smells deliciously like soft coconut! It’s super moisturising and I love being able to apply some when I get in bed to help soften my hands whilst I sleep.

The other beauty product I keep on my bedside table is Boots’ Botanics Super Balm. This product is sooo versatile; you can use it as lip balm, to help dry elbows, to moisturise your cuticles, and so much more.

It does look a little strange, as it is bright green, but it really does work, and is really handy to have right next to you!

You can get it here – Boots Botanics Super Balm

Pink jewel coloured jar

This jar is beautiful. It was from my parents’ garden centre, and I use it for pens and other bits and bobs I want to keep track of. It adds a nice bit of colour to my room too 🙂

pink jewel coloured glass jar for storing pens etc.

I also have a framed picture that has lavender related prints on it, which my mum gave me a long time ago, and so I have no idea where it came from! I lean it against the wall at the back and it covers up the plug sockets for my fairy lights that go over my bed.

And that’s the summary of what I keep on my bedside table! I hope you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

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