Product Review: L’Oreal Clay Masque; Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Hair Masques For The Win!

This L’Oreal Clay Masque is a new product that I’ve seen on Pinterest. It has been recommended for those that only get one day out of their hair wash.

That’s definitely me; I always have to dry shampoo my hair on the second day. I don’t want to be washing my hair everyday, as it’s drying, but I can’t use dry shampoo all the time either. It aggravates my scalp!

I decided to give this hair masque a try, and see whether it makes a noticeable difference. The less I can aggravate my skin, the better…

This is the Elvive Clay Masque Pre-Shampoo Treatment, for oily roots


The clay masque is a pre-shampoo treatment, which is supposed to soak up excess oil. To use the product, you apply to your roots, gently massaging it into your scalp. It’s a thick, bright blue masque that smells amazing! It’s quite difficult to apply to your scalp; the best way is to section your hair up. It’s a little time-consuming, so hopefully it will be worth it!

The best way to go is just use your hands and massage it gently into your roots.

I did look quite strange, because it looks like blue chalky paint in your hair! My partner did wonder what on earth I was doing…

I washed the product off my hands once I was done, and it left a slightly blue tinge to my palms! Hopefully it will wash off when I jump in the shower!


So, the blue did wash of my hands in the shower [phew!]. The mask did take some effort to completely rinse out. It’s quite a thick paste, and so I was rinsing for a few minutes.

All you have to do then is just wash your wash like normal. I’m using the Garnier Ultimate Blends Oat Sensitive Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner, which you can get from Superdrug here. [They’re really soothing and deep cleanse my scalp without annoying it!]

Once I’d dried my hair, it didn’t appear to be any different from normal. I assume this is how it is supposed to be, because it’s supposed to lengthen your wash, and not affect your hair straight after the wash.

To be honest, I didn’t really notice much of a difference in the state of my hair after using the masque. I have to dry shampoo my hair on the second day normally, if I’m not washing it again, and I still had to, after using the masque.

I don’t think it was quite as effective as I was hoping it was going to be! Maybe it takes a few uses for it to start making a noticeable difference, so I will try it a few more times.

I am a little disappointed, as anything that makes me able to use less dry shampoo, and still not have greasy roots would be an absolute bonus!

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