Product Review: Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

New To Lush?

I was! Obviously I had heard so many good things about Lush. One of the products I saw again and again was the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water. People were saying that it was amazing for those with oily, spot-prone skin. I was like, that’s me! So I decided to buy it, give it a try for a week or so, and then write my own review on what I thought about it. So here we are 🙂

What Is It Like?

You get a large bottle in the signature Lush bottle style – black with the white writing. It’s currently £9.50 which is definitely reasonable considering how much you get. The Tea Tree Toner Water comes in a spray bottle which you can either spray directly on your face or spritz a cotton pad and then wipe over your skin.

I have heard that it’s better to spritz the toner on to a cotton pad, and that’s definitely the way I prefer to apply my toner. That’s how I’ve been using it, and I’ve got to say I am sooo impressed! It doesn’t have massive claims on the bottle and I love that kind of marketing – under promise and over deliver. And that’s definitely what this toner does.

Like I said I’ve been using it for a week or so, morning and night after cleansing. I’ve already noticed the difference in my skin. It’s stays matte much longer throughout the day, which as someone with an oily t-zone is literally the dream! I’ve also noticed that is helping my spots dry out, so that is a massive plus.

Lush Cosmetics Tea Tree Toner Water - amazing for reducing blemishes and excess oil.

Any Negatives?

The only thing that you could say is a negative of the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water is the fact that it can be drying on the skin. If you already have dry skin then you might want to avoid this product and go for something different and more moisturising.

Personally I combat it by applying a heavy-duty moisturiser afterwards. I’m using The Ordinary’s 100% Plant Derived Squalane. This product is amazing for increasing the surface hydration of your skin, and goes perfectly in your routine after this toner!


Lush is known for being cruelty free, and using as little ingredients as possible. This combination of ingredients is pretty amazing – there are only 6 ingredients and they are all pretty good for you!

My sister introduced me to an amazing website called CosDNA which you can use to research most products. It gives you a rating on each ingredient and shows you how good/bad they are for your skin. This can be so useful if you’re not sure whether you should buy a product, or whether the ones you are already using are any good for you! If you haven’t already, it’s definitely a really interesting website to have a look at 🙂

Lush Tea Tree Toner Water Summary

I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you have oily and/or spot-prone skin! It has made a noticeable difference to my skin, and the amount of visible oil you can see on my face.

I love the fact that it has such a small ingredients list, and that the ingredients are all natural. Lush are well-known for creating handmade and natural products, and I’m definitely excited to try out more of them.

I’ve got a couple of bath bombs waiting to be tried out – I went for Dragon’s Egg and Thundersnow, and I literally cannot wait to try them out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water!

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  • Adore Lush products, their bath bombs have been a favourite of mine for ages and now I’m super intrigued by this toner! xx

    • It’d definitely worth a try, I’ve been so impressed with how much better my skin’s been since using it! 🙂 xx