Product Review: Manuka Doctor Skin Ease & Repair Gel

What Is It?

Manuka Doctor provide skin care products that are natural and originate from bee hives. They are quite a well-known brand, but before buying this product, I had never used their stuff before.

I saw this on Amazon, whilst I was searching for a topical acne treatment. I suffer from hormonal acne, which affect mainly my chin. Whilst it’s not as bad as some poor people have to put up with, it still upsets me, and makes me feel crappy.

I’m always looking for new products that might have an effect on the state of my skin, and give me some kind of relief. Wouldn’t it be great if skin was blemish free?! I want it clear enough so I feel confident without makeup on, as I’m sure thousands of women want!

This Skin Ease & Repair Gel had a lot of positive reviews, with people saying that it had helped clear their skin. People seemed very happy with it, and as it was so cheap, I decided to give it a go.

What Is It Like?

It is a gel, like it says on the tube. It’s quite thin, and it goes on the skin really easily. Apply a thin layer on the areas where you get the spots. I cover most of the bottom half of my face! It dries quite quickly, which I like, and it makes it easier to use right before getting into bed.

It’s best for me to not use this in the morning; I apply it at night once I’ve removed all of my makeup. Usually, I use it before I apply my moisturiser, as the cream of the moisturiser creates a skin barrier, and I want the gel to be absorbed right into my skin!

It doesn’t really smell of anything, which is good, as some treatment products can be a little overpowering and medicinal, which makes it much more pleasant to use!

It smooths on quickly and dries straight away so you’re not left with a sticky feeling!

Does It Work?

I’ve been using the gel every night for the past week or so, and my skin has cleared up quite considerably already. It seems to make the spots less angry and sore too, which I am glad about. That’s one of the worst things about having acne. The spots get sore and aggravated 🙁

The gel really helps soothe the area, and I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in new spots forming!

So far I am really impressed with it, and I hope it continues to reduce my blemishes, and make me feel more confident about my skin!

Where Can I Get It From?

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