My September Beauty Products Wish List 🍂

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Autumn’s First Picks

This is my first wish list post, and I thought what better time than now?! There are so many new products coming out at the moment – and new brands too. I know there’s so much hype about Rihanna’s new range – Fenty Beauty, and I’ve seen a couple of reviews on YouTube. The products look amazing, but I’m not sure if I can justify the prices! I’m much more of a drug store brands kinda girl… but we’ll see!

Not only that, but there are always products that are new to me! I find so many things constantly that I want to try out. Of course, there are thousands of brands with thousands of products, so there’s always going to be new products to try out. Which is why I love blogging – there’s never a dull moment.

Anyway, let’s get straight into what I’m wanting to try out this month! 🙂

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel

I saw Laura Lee talking about this face wash on her video about oily skin, and I really want to try it. I went to buy it the other day, but it was sold out at Superdrug! I got the email notification yesterday that it’s back in stock, so I’ll definitely be buying and giving it a try. It’s on offer at the moment at £3.59 so that’s definitely a perk!

I’ve got oily skin but I also have dry patches so it’s good to see a hydrating moisturiser that’s good for oily skin. Buzzing to try it!

I’m always looking for skin care that really does work. I’ve got some new bits from The Ordinary that I’m testing out at the moment too – review coming soon!

Urban Decay Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

I saw this whilst browsing the web the other day for new beauty products to try out. It looks amazing, and Urban Decay are getting a lot of attention at the moment for that Naked Palette. Not only is it light-diffusing, it also contains peptides, which help you look more awake as they supposedly help collagen production – sounds good to me!

Whilst it’s a bit pricey – if it does the job, and it does it properly, then I might be persuaded… let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried it, and what you thought 🙂

Lush Lip Scrub – Popcorn

This product looks amazing, and I think it’ll be perfect for when the weather really gets colder and my lips start to get dry and flaky. There’s nothing better than a smoothing, buffing lip scrub to fight off dry lips 🙂

I bet it smells amazing too! I’m actually a Lush virgin [don’t say it – I already know….] so think I need to fix that sharpish!!

NYX High Definition Eyeshadow Base

I’ve never used a separate product as a primer for my eyes. I’m usually one to just apply my concealer and go straight in on top with eyeshadow. However, I’ve seen it a few times recently that I should be giving it a go, and this one from NYX is super affordable at £5.50, so it’s definitely on my wish list for this month 🙂

NYX are a brand that I’m loving at the moment – they’re pretty damn affordable, and the quality definitely seems to be there too.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

See this all over Pinterest? Yup, me too, and it’s definitely on my list for this month.

It’s supposed to be really gentle and kind to skin, even those with dry, oily, or spot-prone skin, so I’m very keen to give it a try! It’s a bit more expensive than the Neutrogena one, but it’s still under £10.

There We Have It!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, and whether they’re worth buying 🙂

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*This post may contain affiliate links. It means if you purchase using them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!*