3 Simple Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Simple But Effective Techniques To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Personally, I love anything that helps me grow my blog without me having to work my butt off and only get minimal results. I’m all about finding those simple but effective techniques that have me sighing with relief! Today I’m going to share you with you 3 simple ways that you can grow your blog traffic.

These are tried and tested methods that get your blog out there, without you having to slog away at the computer for hours on end. They can even be done alongside a full-time job or other commitments, which makes them the perfect tools for growing your blog traffic.

Since taking on a full-time IRL job myself, I know how important time management is, and how being laser focused on what works is absolutely vital to the success of my blog. With that in mind, I created this post.

The effort and dedication that you put into your blog will directly effect the success you get out of it. The more you do, the more you will bring into your business.

Let’s get started!

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These are my top 3 simple ways to get traffic to your blog. I'm all about minimal effort, with big results! I show you how to use your time effectively and use these super simple techniques to grow your blog traffic.

1. Pick A Highly Engaged Facebook Group And Get Involved

Usually, bloggers try to get involved with lots of different blogging groups on Facebook. You might have 100% of your time to dedicate to your social media strategy, then it’s absolutely possible for you to get involved with lots of groups all at once.

But if you’re limited for time, and you want to funnel what you do have on social media with real precision, then it’s important to choose just one Facebook group that is highly engaged and is going to bring you traffic from interested readers.

I wrote a post a couple of months ago about some of the best Facebook groups for engagement, but I also want to mention my own Facebook group here. It’s called Bloggers Collab, and it’s growing into a really supportive group of content creators. It makes me super proud to see it growing! I’ve got over 300 members now, and people are really amazing at getting out there and involved with each other’s blogs.

Facebook can be really amazing for getting readers to your blog that actually have a real interest in your niche. By scheduling a few minutes a day to get involved with that one specific group, reading other people’s posts and commenting on their links on the page, you will start to build a rapport with people. At the same time, you won’t have to stress yourself out trying to keep up with 10 groups at once!

2. Set Up Your Tailwind Schedule A Month At A Time

Tailwind [referral link for your first month of Plus Plan free!] is amazing for getting in your Pinterest quota with minimal stress and effort. I try to set mine up so that I have a month’s worth of pins scheduled at any one time. This means I don’t have to worry about it for 4 whole weeks!

The tactics I have been using for Pinterest have dramatically boosted my traffic, and I am super impressed with how much Tailwind has been incremental to this. I definitely think that it’s time well spent!

Pinterest is an absolutely huge marketing tool for bloggers, and I highly recommend getting up to speed on it if you haven’t already. It can direct free traffic to your blog for months and even years! You don’t need to pay for advertising, or spend time chatting to people for it to work for you.

To fill up my schedule, I simply go to my All In My Head board on Pinterest which is full of my own pins, and then add them into my Tailwind schedule using the Chrome extension. It takes no time at all to have hundreds of pins ready to go.

I also use Tailwind to access the Tribes function, where I can add my posts directly into the feed and reach thousands of other people that my blog wouldn’t necessarily reach via just my own Pinterest efforts.

You can join my Tailwind Tribe Blog To Business and reach so many more people with your pins and blog posts. You also get a free month of the Tailwind Plus Plan using my link!

Getting blog traffic doesn't have to be an on-going battle. It should be simple and stress-free, and I show you how with these 3 simple habits.

3. Engage With Your Email List

An often over-looked method, your email list can be amazing atΒ directing traffic to your blog. It should really be part of your overall strategy, as growing and nurturing your email list is key to your success as a blogger.

By writing compelling copy, you can really help encourage people to go over to your blog and read your posts. Often, once they’re already there, they will be tempted to look around a bit more too. This is especially true if you’ve worked hard on your navigation and CTA’s.

The great thing about your email list is that the people on it are already interested in your content. They already want what you’ve got, so it’s all about reminding them of that fact. Take some time and write an email around your latest blog post, and make sure you leave the link to it so that people can check it out.

You’ll be surprised how the click-through rates grow as you practice and build up your rapport with your subscribers. If you need more advice on starting an email list, I’ve written a post about using Mailerlite to get your first subscriber.

Getting traffic to your blog is really important, because no blog will be successful if no-one is reading it. You need those targeted readers that are actively looking for answers that your content provides if you want to create a living from your blog.

I hope that you found these tips useful. They might sound basic, but they really are the cornerstone of my traffic strategy. Pinterest is something that I just absolutely love on a personal level, as well as in a business sense! It gives me life looking on Pinterest and getting all inspired about my blog, my business, my home and life in general.

I also think there’s a lot of merit in getting involved in that one Facebook group, and I’d seriously be over the moon if you decided to join Bloggers Collab and make that your focus! If you decide to join, please leave me a comment with your latest blog post – I always read people’s posts – and say hi to everyone!


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Thank you for sharing these tips! I think I’m gonna get started with Pinterest after my exams x