4 Ways You Are Accidentally Making Your Readers Hate You

How To Put Readers Off You + Your Blog

Your readers might keep coming back to your blog for the excellent content, but you might be doing things that really put them off. Now you don’t want to stop them returning to your website again and, again do you?

Of course, you can use marketing experts to help you to make your blog as user friendly as possible. But have you ever thought about what your readers don’t like? Well, here are four ways you are accidentally making your readers hate you.

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About the Author: Charles Dearing is an experienced digital marketer and blogger who writes for PatientSites.com, which is a digital marketing agency for physical therapy websites and clinics. Charles also enjoys sharing his experience on popular blogs like https://laurajacquesaimh.com.

Worried that you're doing things that make your readers hate you? Could you be doing any of these 4 things? Check out the post, and find out how you can stop your blog from putting people off.

1. Too many pop ups

Pop ups can be really distracting when reading a blog article or even when just visiting a website. Yes, you might want your readers to subscribe to new posts but how many times do you need to ask them?

Reducing the amount of pop ups will highly improve your visitors experience and help to reduce the bounce rate of your readers too. If you are going to use pop ups, make sure they are relevant and interesting, so you aren’t just showing the same boring information repeatedly.

2. Automatic play video

This can be something that is very irritating and will probably make people shut down your page straight away for a number of reasons.

Imagine sitting on a quiet train, reading an interesting article then you scroll to a video that plays automatically and the rest of the carriage knows what you are reading.  It may be awkward and embarrassing no matter what the content of the blog.

Now if there is a video and you can choose to play it or not, readers have the time to prepare themselves for the sound and visuals they are about to embark on. If you want to keep your readers happy avoid auto play video.

3. Adverts everywhere

You may want to make money from your blog by using advertising however there is a time and a place for this. If your blog post is full of ads, then it will make it look spammy and reduce the credibility of what you are trying to get across.

When considering advertising you must make any adverts relevant to your readers and be careful about where those ads are placed.

To improve trust from your visitors, you should always make sure any sponsored links are portrayed in such a way that the readers understand there may be affiliate or partner links within the content.

4. Not mobile friendly

Most people will use smart phones or tablets to read online content on the go. You must make sure your blog is readable and user friendly on these devices.

Setting your website up in such a way is easy so you need to ensure your blog is optimised for mobile devices. If you find a website difficult to navigate a read on your mobile, you will move on.

Readers don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to read the content they want in the right way because they are using a mobile phone.

Do you need to make changes so your readers don’t hate you?

There are some small changes that can be made that will make a big difference to your blog visitors. Think about what you want to see and how you feel when visiting a website.

What features are good and what makes you feel like you don’t ever want to visit that website again? If you find this hard there are companies out there that can help you to make improvements.

But the most important point to take away is that you want your readers to love you not hate you!


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