5 Things I Don’t Buy To Save Money!

We’re Doing ALL The Hustling We Can!

This post is a little different to what you normally see on AIMH, but I wanted to start branching into personal finance. Me and my fiance are getting married, we have some debt, and we want to eventually buy a house. We are hustling our butts off to do everything we want and need to do!

I decided to start sharing some of this journey with my lovely readers – because some of you might be in the same position.

We both work full-time, and I also work really hard in my spare time to grow my blog and supplement our income.

We also try our hardest to save money in our day-to-day lives, because we NEED to save as much money as possible.

We pay around £500 a month just to our debts, and we are trying to save at the same time. Which means we have to forgo some of the things we would love to buy! Here’s the top 5 things I don’t buy so that we can save money.

This is my list of the 5 things I don't buy to help us save money! We're trying to save for a wedding and to get a mortgage, so everything we do focuses on saving money at the moment! Find some pointers to help you too.

The Things I Don’t Buy To Save Us Money

1. No Dinner’s Out!

This is something that annoys me A LOT sometimes! I’d love to be able to go out once or twice a month even, just to go out and have a lovely dinner with my fiance.

But we cannot justify it, especially when we budget so hard for our weekly food shops.

So at the moment, we aren’t eating dinner out at all, and that includes all kinds of takeaways too!

What We Do Instead

We try to make sure that when we do the food shop, we buy lots of meals that we can pretend are dinner’s out or takeaways!

My fiance is a chef by profession, and so he actually does all the cooking at home. I know, I’m real lucky to have him!

He cooks things like steak and chips, curry, homemade burgers, spaghetti bolognese – all the things we would choose when we’re out for dinner. We put on a movie and light some candles and try to make it as special as possible.

Actually, it’s really nice sometimes! It’s free to do, and we can actually talk to each other a bit better because we’re in the comfort of our own home.

2. No Salon Trips!

I absolutely love having my nails done, and it’s difficult because a good friend of mine does them. It’s something that really makes me feel good about myself, and really well-groomed.

However, it’s quite an expense each month at £25 a session. I have them done every two to three weeks, so this all adds up.

It’s not a necessity, so it’s had to go!

What We Do Instead

So I’m trying to embrace the natural me at the moment and having natural nails is one step towards this!

It’s also quite nice not to have to rely on someone else to make my nails look nice.

My sister has a HUGE collection of nail polishes, so I’ll be popping round and seeing her and stealing some of hers!

I’m going to take the time to learn to do my own nails properly, and let them breathe and be free of polish sometimes, which is actually really good for them.

Things I don't buy anymore - expensive nail appointments! This is my nails au natural!

3. No Tumble Dryer!

This can be a little annoying, but it’s ridiculous how expensive the tumble dryer is for us each month.

We rented our tumble dryer, so we were paying around £20 a month for that. And the electric to run the tumble dryer all the time was getting out of hand. We had an electric bill for April that was around £300!

We knew that it needed to go.

What We Do Instead

We use clothes horses to hang up our clothes which is free!

Yes, it does take a lot more time, but it’s worth it when we’re cutting the rental and electric bills down by A LOT.

You do have to make sure that the room is warm and has an airflow so that you don’t get too much moisture in the air. We have the heating on very low, around 15°c and then the windows on vent or open to facilitate that, and it works absolutely fine.

4. No Expensive Repair Bills!

To combat the sometimes crippling expensive repair bills, we rent a couple of our appliances to help save us money.

We rent our fridge freezer, our TV and when I get my new laptop, we will be renting that too.

It saves us having to spend out on hefty repair bills, and we didn’t have to find the lump sum to buy them in the first place.

Of course it does add-on to our monthly expenses a little, but it’s actually worth it because it means there’s no surprises if something goes wrong.

What We Do Instead

We try to put money to one side each month for all the things we need to save for, so that if something goes wrong with something we don’t rent we have the money there.

My biggest concern is my car – if something goes seriously wrong with that then the expense might mean the car is off the road.

Me and my fiance can walk/bike to work, so at least it wouldn’t stop us getting there! But if we wanted to visit our friends/family, it would be a bit difficult.

We try to make sure that we look after our things really carefully, and put money to one side for things we cannot avoid.

Writing a blog is about consistency, content and marketing successfully.

5. No Coffee Dates Out!

I love coffee, and going out for a posh coffee is always a lot of fun!

Me and my fiance both enjoy going to a coffee shop and buying a coffee or two, and then sitting together and catching up on what’s been going on.

But it’s expensive, and if it costs around a tenner a week, then that quickly adds up.

What We Do Instead

We do sometimes treat ourselves and go somewhere we can have a coffee for a pound or two, but mostly we just take a coffee from home and go for a walk.

It saves us so much money, gets us outside, and we can still chat the same as we would in the coffee shop!

It’s a simple change, but it really adds up how much you will save just by taking your own.

I hope you’ve found my little guide on things to stop buying to save money! Let me know in the comments below whether you would like to hear more personal finance and money-saving posts.

I want to be able to share with you all the journey we’re on with starting our married life together and the struggles we’re facing with debt, weddings, mortgages and moving forward with everything.

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Great post, Laura. I was nodding my head about the salon! I can’t believe how much I’ve saved (and how much healthier my nails are) since I stopped getting them done. No regrets at all. Thanks for sharing, Jill (stilljill.com) x