5 Tips For Staying Motivated When Your New Blog Makes Nothing!

Gutted At Your First Quarter’s Figures?

So, you decided to create a blog because you wanted to use your creativity and knowledge to make a living. You should be super proud of yourself! You’ve taken that first step towards getting the life you want. But now you’re at the end of the first three months and you haven’t earned a penny. You’re probably feeling disappointed and are struggling to find that motivation to keep going.

I’m going to show you the ways that you can stay motivated and continue to work on your blog. You have the dreams – let’s make them a reality!

Why You Need To Stay Motivated

Motivation is a huge part of being a successful. Successful people don’t let things stop them, and they chase after their goals with so much passion.

If you want to chase your dreams and create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of, then staying motivated is key.

Focus on the journey, on the things you are going to learn about the world and about yourself as you go after your ultimate lifestyle. Don’t stress about the end result all the time; you’ll miss the fun along the way!

An important thing to remember is this:

If you're always chasing the end goal, remember you'll set yourself a new goal once you get there! Enjoy the journey. Click To Tweet

Keep in mind that most full-time bloggers have been in the industry for many years and have probably had at least one other blog behind them. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t quit your day job within the first 3 months.

I’m a full year into blogging – and All In My Head is my first blog! I’ve learnt that by focusing on staying motivated by using the below tips, I can chase after my goals – even whilst working a full-time job doing something mentally exhausting (I work in customer service – say no more amirite?).

If you’re interested in staying inspired, keep reading to find out how I do it, and how you can apply these tips to your own journey inside the blogosphere.

Made nothing in your first three months of blogging? I share my top 5 tips for staying motivated even if your new blog made £0!

My Top Tips To Keep You Motivated

Number One: Remember The Reason You Started

It’s really important to keep in the forefront of your mind that reason why you started your blog in the first place.

I started All In My Head because I wanted a place to express my creativity, write to my heart’s content, and share my love of blogging, social media + digital marketing with the world. I wanted to use those things to create an online business that I could be proud of!

When you see that you’ve earned literally nothing in your first three months, it can be really disheartening, and I completely understand that. In that situation, it’s extremely important to go back to that reason.

Write it down somewhere that you can see it – put it on your walls, on your bathroom mirror, in your phone – anywhere that you will catch it and remember it.

It will be the one thing driving you forward sometimes. The dream, the way you want to live your life and the way you want to earn a living should constantly be in your mind when you’re thinking about your blog.

Number Two: Set Yourself Some Achievable Goals

When you get to the end of those three months and things haven’t gone exactly the way you wanted it to, then it’s time to set yourself some achievable goals.

This will help you focus hard on what you actually want to achieve, and gives you a breakdown of how you are going to get there.

Sit down and look at your stats for that first quarter. What stands out to you? Do you need to work on a social media platform? Do you have to work on your Pinterest game? Do you have to reach out to some other bloggers for collaborations to grow your reach?

Take some time and think about the small things that you can do that will take you further along the journey towards your long-term, big-time goals!

Write these down too – keep them with you and look at them every time you go and do some work in relation to your blog. Whether you’re writing, creating graphics, talking to your followers on social media or thinking of future plans – keep those big-time goals in mind the whole time!

By having the smaller steps laid out in front of you, you can make those changes that will take your journey in the right direction. Making money from your blog comes from consistently taking steps that take you towards that aim. By having those steps laid out in front of you, you can actively work towards them rather than hoping you get there.

You would use a sat-nav to get you to a destination you’ve never been to before wouldn’t you? It’s the same with blogging – give yourself some guidance.

Number Three: Write About Things You’re Passionate About

To maintain motivation, it helps enormously if you’re actually passionate about the topics you’re writing about.

It can be very difficult to stay inspired and engaged with your blog if you’re not excited by the topic. Take the time to decide on blog posts that actually interest you – it also shows in your writing when you’re genuinely into the topic!

Of course, building a successful blog does centre around providing information your readers want to hear about. However, don’t lose sight of the things you really love and want to write about as this is really useful for long-term engagement in your own blog and business.

Keep close to the areas that you love and are passionate about, and you will see the result in your levels of motivation! As your blog and business grows, you’ll be much happier that you have made it with the content that gives you a buzz.

Number Four: Chat To Other Bloggers + Get Involved With The Blogging Community

Another great way to stay motivated when you haven’t made any money in your first quarter is to speak to other bloggers.

It can help to put things into perspective and help you realise that no matter what happens, you’re not the only one along for the ride! There are thousands of other bloggers out there that are going through the same thing you are.

Try using social media to meet new bloggers – Twitter is a really great place to do this. I’ve met literally hundreds of other bloggers from all different niches and backgrounds. It’s great to speak to other bloggers who get it – they know exactly what you’re going through!

You can follow me on Twitter here. Please feel free to tweet me or send me a DM. I love talking to my readers!

Number Five: Research + Learn New Things To Help You Grow

If you’re feeling a little disheartened then I urge you to get more information and learn more about blogging to help you feel more inspired.

I use All In My Head to provide that kind of inspiration and information that a blogger needs to build a successful blog. I want you to be able to come to my site and find out answers that help you take things to the next level.

It’s also good to take in information from courses and guides – I have an e-book which gives you a detailed walk-through of how to build a successful business from your blog!

It’s called Blog To Business: Create A Blog Primed For Success. Inside you’ll find everything you need to know to go from a simple passion to a fully fledged business. I’m super proud of it, and for £7.99, you can read how to build a blog that is destined to be your full-time hustle!

I hope you’ve found these tips useful, and feel super motivated to continue with your blogging journey. We all have those moments where we wonder whether all of the hard work is worth it, but I want to assure you it will be.

The only way to fail? Give up.


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