7 Daily Tasks To Grow Your Blog!

No Matter How Small A Step You Take, Forward Is Forward

If you’re willing to put in the hard work, growing a successful blog is totally possible! I’ve been blogging for seven months, and I’m already making money from my work. It’s the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever experienced! I always wanted to write for a living, and now I’m slowing working my way there.

Of course, if you want to grow your blog, and reach the heights of earning a full-time income each month, then you need to work at it. There will be tough and stressful times ahead, but it’s totally possible! Nothing worth having ever comes easy, but one day you’ll be able to look back and see how far you’ve come and everything you’ve created.

I decided to create this post to share with you the things I do every single day that help me grow my blog. Of course, there are lots of other things that I do alongside these things – but these are the things I do every single day that noticeably make a difference to my business.

Regular Changes Help Grow Your Blog

They must be done regularly to keep up the momentum. Not only that but most of them are how I analyse and review certain elements of my business. I can see what’s working and what isn’t – and what I need to do more of!

I hope you find these useful; try implementing one at a time and see how things go. It’s all about making small changes each day that lead up to big results!

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There are small things you can do every day with your blog that will help to get more traffic, build your email list + turn your passion into a business!

1. Check Social Media + Engage With People

A subject spoken about heavily, but vital just the same. Social media is a great way to refer people to your blog. There are millions of people using it every single day! Not only that; it’s a brilliant for building a community around your brand.

Talk to people, share your own blog posts and relevant content on your own profiles, and grow your audience. You will be amazed at how much traffic comes to you from social media if you’re willing to put in daily work! Pop in once a day and make sure you catch up with everyone.

I’ve written about using social media to gain traffic in detail which you can read about here.

2. Update Old Content

Old content that is out of date and no longer relevant hurts your blog. In my post about blog organisation, I talk about how your website is like your portfolio, and how everything within your blog plays a part in your story.

Take some time each day and go through your content. Update post titles if something else stands out better. Update facts and figures if necessary, and check outgoing links to make sure they still work properly.

Your SEO gets a boost when you update older content and make it more relevant. Google’s algorithm thanks you for it almost as much as it does when you create new content!

If you do a little each day, it won’t seem so overwhelming! Whilst this can seem really time-consuming, it’s really important and makes the world of difference.

If you’re already feeling the overwhelm, I have written a guide of reducing stress as an entrepreneur! It’s can be really tough – you’re starting an online business, and it can become too much sometimes. Don’t forget to put your health first. Blogging can be so rewarding, but its easy to become a little obsessed to begin with!

3. Check Affiliate Performance

Every day I keep an eye on my affiliate programs, and see how I’m performing for the day. I use the information to find out which posts my readers are enjoying, which ones they aren’t, and whether there’s anything I can do to improve it!

I really do prefer the affiliate networks Awin + ShareASale for this, because everything is in one place! It’s a lot more fiddly to check all of the other ones!

I’m always looking for ways to improve and optimise my processes. The more analysing you do the better – you need to find out what is doing you favours and what isn’t. If something isn’t working, focus on the things that are instead!

4. Browse Pinterest For Inspiration

Pinterest is literally the hub of inspiration! I use it every single day, and browse the feed and the trending searches regularly. I want to create content that genuinely helps my readers.

My only aim is to help + support other bloggers become the successful entrepreneurs they deserve to be. This means I need to be on top of my game and give you guys the most relevant and useful information.

Just remember, there’s a difference between getting inspiration, and stealing people’s ideas. I don’t read people’s posts from Pinterest and steal their entire idea! I use the topics most talked about and come up with original ideas around them.

Stealing people ideas is NEVER okay. You’ll never succeed as a blogger without being original, interesting and on top of your game, and that isn’t possible if you’re taking other people’s ideas. It will be almost impossible to actually grow your blog if you do it.

Check out my Pinterest here [I’m a bit obsessed with it at the moment…].

5. Read Other Blogs

I do this mostly because I love reading other people’s work! I use Bloglovin’ – you can follow me here!Β You can follow all different kinds of bloggers – lifestyle, beauty, home/interior, blogging and more.

Reading their blog posts is not only interesting and enjoyable; it also helps me find out what other people are interested in reading about.

I get to connect with other bloggers and grow my relationships with them, which is really important! If you don’t already use Bloglovin, it’s definitely worth checking out. To grow your blog you need to be working on your networking and connections with other bloggers. After all they’re your colleagues!

6. Check Email Subscribers + Open Rates

Another thing I like to check on a daily basis is my Mailerlite profile. The dashboard is really simple to use. I keep an eye on the open rates for my emails, and how many people subscribe each day.

It’s a great way to see which emails are being read by my subscribers, and which ones aren’t. It’s also really useful to see which forms and incentives are increasing my sign ups.

If you are using an email subscriber service, see if they have some form of analytics – most do as far as I’m aware! By keeping an eye on the successful things you’re putting out there, you can build on them and use it to help grow your blog even further.

7. Have A Break And Do Something Non-Blog Related

It’s actually really important for you and your mind to have a break sometimes! Take at least an hour each day and go and do something else. There are plenty of other things that your brain needs – fresh air being one! Go outside, take a walk, or visit a friend.

It will make a big difference and help you clear your mind. Just remember to have your notebook handy in case inspiration hits!

I hope you’ve found some useful tips in this post for small things to do each day to help grow your blog. It’s always better to do small, achievable things and get somewhere than it is to procrastinate because everything seems too much.



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Thank you for writing this post! These 7 points you laid out are so vital to having a good blog. They are also tasks that I can forget to do or well overwhelmed by. You broke them down in such a way, that I actually feel excited to tackle them! Lol! Your blog is so helpful; it’s like a rabbit hole of useful content. Please keep doing what you’re doing! It is soooooo helpful.πŸ™‚

LuAnn Braley

Found your blog from Tailwind. This is the first time I’ve read a post on this topic where I haven’t gone straight to overwhelm before the end of the post! Sounds very do-able!


Dear Laura,
You always write such amazing posts; you are going to go far in life I can feel it. This post really does outline great tasks we as bloggers should be doing. I have been in a bit of a slump this last week then my phone died and this was first blog I read with new phone. It’s got my motivated and inspired again! Thank you! Keep up the amazing work you do.
Love Always,
Cinthia Grace

Ms Via

Great post Laura! I am learning so many things from you. Thank you for sharing all your ideas these are so helpful. πŸ™‚


Thank you for sharing these 7 tasks. Blogging gets very overwhelming but it helps when other bloggers break tasks down for me. I try to do a little each day, which helps in the long run.