9 Incredible Spring Cleaning Ideas For Bloggers

It’s Time For A Fresh Approach!

It’s one of my favourite things about spring/summer – that feeling of a fresh start. To be honest, it’s the same in all parts of my life, but especially my blog. It just gives me that real motivation to work on my blog and make those tweaks that help it stand out!

You can make some really simple and quick changes that give your whole blog a new look and feel, and really help keep your readers interested.

In this post I am going to share you with you some of my favourite incredible ways that you can spring clean your blog this year! Enjoy!

Here are my top 9 incredible spring cleaning ideas for bloggers! Take some time to work on your blog now and reap the rewards of a fresh, up to date website.

1. Give Your Blog A New Header Image

I tend to get bored quite easily, and I like to mix things up when it comes to my blog. A great way to do this is by updating your header image!

It can give your home page the lease of life it might be in need of, and really boost people’s impression of your blog when they land on it.

Make it cohesive with the rest of your blog in regards to colours and fonts, but don’t be afraid to try new things and see whether it helps encourage people to carry on reading your blog.

2. Update Your Author Photo

If you’ve followed the advice I gave in my post about what you definitely need in your blog’s sidebar, then you’ll already have an author bio widget.

If not, I definitely recommend getting one! It helps massively when it comes to recognition, and not only that, because people love to see the face behind the blog. It helps to know they’re reading real posts from a person, and not just a bot behind a computer screen.

It can be fun to update your author photo on your blog! I would just make sure that you update your profile photos for your social media accounts too, so that they all match each other. Again, this just helps your readers know they’re in the right place.

3. Use Broken Links Checker

This is a brilliant plugin that shows you all the links on your blog that no longer work. Every now and then it’s a great idea to check out the links it raises for you, and check where they need linking to instead.

It can be annoying for readers on your blog to click something they’re interested in and just end up with a 404 error message.

By using this really simple plugin, you can keep on top of your broken links in one fell swoop!

You can check out the Broken Links plugin and download it for free. It’s really easy to use and it makes a big difference to the user experience of your blog.

4. Respond To Any Outstanding Comments

Sometimes, you can end up with a bit of back log with comments from your lovely readers, because you’re trying to keep up with everything else in regards to your blog.

If you check once a week and respond to everyone, you will feel much more organised and it will also boost the engagement on your blog!

If someone takes the time to leave a comment, it’s really important that you return the favour and get back to them. It’s an important part of your overall engagement strategy, and helps you build your community of loyal readers!

5. Add Sign Up Forms To Your Top Performing Posts

When you first begin your blog, you might not remember or realise that you need to put sign up forms within your posts to gain email subscribers.

It’s definitely worth using your analytics and check out your top read posts. Then, simply go back to those posts on your blog and see whether you can make them more subscriber friendly.

Add sign up forms where you need them – it works best if you add them in the middle somewhere and at the end of the post. This helps to encourage your readers to hand over their email address without being too pushy.

I use MailerLite for my email marketing needs, and I couldn’t be happier with them! They’re 100% free for your first 1000 subscribers which makes it really purse friendly – especially if you’re at the start of your journey.

They make email marketing really simple, even if you’ve never used an email service provider before, and they have landing pages and automation built-in!

6. Delete Any Old, Irrelevant Posts

So you’ve been blogging for quite a while now, and likely you have lots of blog posts under your belt.

As you build your blog, your knowledge grows and you realise what works and what doesn’t. As with anything, you improve because you’re practising regularly and your writing is much better than when you began!

It can be worth going back through your really old posts and delete any that are no longer actually related to your niche, or you don’t feel the quality reflects your current style. Or you could…

7. Update Old Content + Repurpose When Possible

Another thing that you could do with old posts is simply go through and update them! There’s probably errors you could correct, and you might be able to expand on ideas further to make them even more effective.

Take the time to create new graphics, update the title to make it stand out and then re-share it on all your networks!

You can also repurpose your old content, and create roundup posts, ultimate lists of resources, use them for emails to send your list, or even create a new freebie. There are so many different things that you can use old content for – you don’t need to let it go to waste!

8. Read Over Your Blog’s Business Plan

Now that spring is here and you’ve taken the time to go through your blog and update things, it’s time to check that your business plan is still relevant.

As time goes by and you work on your blog, sometimes you can lose sight of the overall goals you have for your blog, and how you attempt to reach them.

By going through your business plan, you can see the areas where you’re already making headway, and the areas that you need to focus on a little more.

If you don’t already have your business plan for your blog written down, or you haven’t really thought about it, I would definitely recommend you take the time to do so. If you’re looking to make money from your blog and have it be your full-time gig, then you will need a plan.

You need to treat your blog like the business you want it to become, and I can assure you that you will need that business plan at all different points of your blog’s journey!

9. Check Your Top Performing Freebies + Write Fresh Content Around Them

Once in a while, it’s a good idea to check on your freebies and see how they are performing. Are they bringing in a good ratio of subscribers? This is called the conversion rate, and it is really helpful in determining whether a form is actually getting your readers to give their email address’.

In MailerLite, you can clearly check on your forms, and see the amount of subscribers each one has bought you, the amount of visitors the form has had, and the conversion rate.

Write down the ones with the highest conversion rates, and see what kinds of topics your readers are interested in.

Once you have this list, you can go on to create content around those subjects and add in the freebie in question. This will help boost your email list, help you create new content that you know your readers will love, and helps your overall strategy.

I love using the data that I have to boost my blog even further, and I highly recommend you have a look for yourself and see how you can grow your blog. It’s a simple way to see what’s been working and what hasn’t and amend your tactics accordingly.

I hope that you can use these ideas to spring clean your blog and find some fresh inspiration!

If you have any other ideas, please let me know in the comments. You might be really helping a fellow blogger.


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