A Guide To Making Money From Your Blog

Turn Your Blog Into A Business

If you’re looking to make money from your blog, there are many ways you can do this, but the first step in the process is to really take the time to consider how you can provide massive value to a specific audience base.

Now, let’s break that down, as the statement has two components; first is to provide massive value (which is obvious) and the second is to target a specific audience.

With regard to providing massive value, this comes down to your content, as you’ll see many blogs are littered with generic content that provides “top tips” on anything from how to keep warm at winter to what to have that night for tea!  

The point is, there’s a lot of content being produced today, yet the amount of valuable content that actually helps people, is limited – meaning the best way you can stand out is to provide genuinely valuable content that is structured in a way it actually helps people solve a problem them face.  

In reality, the majority of people do not face the problem of finding ways to keep warm in the winter where “top tips” include things such as “wear gloves” and “turn up the heating”.

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Creating Value

You want to create content that creates value to your specific audience.  Let’s for instance, say you run a blog about dating and relationships.

If you were to write a step-by-step guide that goes through the grieving process of a break-up, making people feel support, less alone, and less “crazy” in terms of them having to hold themselves back from chain calling their ex, and so on, you are tackling a real problem with authentic value.

If, however, you write an overview article that is littered with generic points such as “keep yourself busy” readers are going to gloss over it – you need to go in deep, get to the root of a problem your audience are tackling and provide some tangible value.

In summary, you want to provide valuable in-depth content that stands out from the generic “top tip lists”.

With regard to finding a specific audience, we’re looking at niches.  Now, you’ll have probably already heard the wonders of niche marketing in the same way you’ll have probably heard the wonders of The Scarlett Group in terms of managing your IT system that powers your blog…

… yet, it’s worth recapping the power of having a niche as it’s fundamental to your success – particularly when it comes to making money from a blog.

A Guide To Making Money From Your Blog - the top tips for making a living out of your passions!

Why Having A Niche Is Important

Often, broad topics are very crowded, for instance it’s not difficult to find thousands of “stay at home moms” blogs with a focus on making money from activities such as couponing or selling creative items on Etsy.

There’s nothing wrong with this, as a category, but it would take a long time and perhaps a lot of money to tank high in this category due to the competitive nature and well established blogs competing for the same keywords you will be.

However, if you were to go a little more obscure with regard to a “stay at home moms” blog and search for a lesbian parenting blog, for instance, you’ll find a lot fewer competitors.  

That’s not to say you have to be so niche, but having something that differentiates you particularly if it’s contextually relevant – such as religion, or being married to someone in the armed forces – is a good idea.

The reason it’s a good idea is not just for ranking purposes either; it’s because you will be noticed by the ‘right people’ (i.e. people aligned with your message) much more, as a big fish in a small pond rather than blending in with the masses.

Why You Won’t Lose Readers

It can feel counter-intuitive to limit your market, by focusing on one specific group, for instance if you have a female travel blog and focus solely on single mothers; it could seem an incredibly limited angle – but, what will happen, is you will very quickly develop a niche following of single mothers that love to travel; meaning your content becomes much more shareable and whilst it might not be viral in the sense of the mainstream it could dominate smaller networks of people; positioning you as a leading authority within this particular niche.

It’s very tempting, however, to think broad – and stay with “travel” as your category, yet think about specialists within the medical profession to offer some context on this.  General doctors get paid $$$ whilst specialist consultants get $$$$$ because they are so much more relevant to solving a specific problem.

Agreed, the specialist is not going to appeal to everyone.  

If you have the flu there’s little interest in seeing a bone cancer specialist – but if you have that particular issue, then the only person you are going to want to see is that specialist, because people, no matter what the context want to hear from the expert in their specific category; not a generalist.

When you shift from being a generalist content producer to becoming a niche specialist you will become more relevant to your audience which means you will have higher retention, shares, likes, and your audience will go more quickly in a sustainable way.

Now we have covered the importance of providing value to a specific audience, let’s look at some tangible ways to monetise your blog:


This is where you recommend a product, for instance, someone else’s course or book.  If someone clicks on the link and goes on to purchase the course, then this is tracked by a third party, and you are paid an affiliate commission.


It’s likely that you already have knowledge and insight within a particular area that could help other people.  All that is required in this sense, is that you package that knowledge up into a system and then record a course based on that system.

If you focus on a specific problem and solution within your blog, then a course, is the natural next step.  You use your blog content to establish credibility and then offer a paid course that promises to offer more in-depth insight that can help your audience at a whole new level.


There’s always the option to place ads on your site though there isn’t that much money to be made doing this unless you have high traffic.


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