About Me

Welcome To AIMH!

I created All In My Head for lots of reasons, but the main aim of my blog is to help you build + grow a successful blog and business. I’m obsessed with providing you with every scrap of my knowledge and experience!

When it comes to building that dream life, where you can work from home at your own pace, and build an empire to be proud of, me and you are on the same page!

On AIMH, you will find posts all about blogging, social media, and entrepreneurship – providing you with the info you need to confidently and happily progress with your blog + business.

If you dream of being a blogger, or you already have a blog and are looking to take it to the next level, then you’ll find just what you need here on All In My Head.

A Little About Me!

My name is Laura, and I’d like to officially welcome you to All In My Head.

I have struggled with anxiety my whole life, and decided to create an online space at the start of 2017 – a place where I could channel my creativity and love of writing, whilst escaping some of the stress I was facing in my normal life.

I completely fell in love with blogging, and knew almost immediately that this is what I want to spend my time doing, and that I wanted to earn a living from it.

I have been running All In My Head for over a year and make a part-time income from my blog. I am growing my income in different ways – affiliate marketing, sponsored content, ads, and launching my own products and services. It’s been such an interesting ride, and I’ve learnt more than I ever set out to!

I decided around September time that I was going to shift the focus of my blog, and instead share the knowledge and know-how I have gathered, and help others reach their blogging and online biz goals.

What I Focus On Here On AIMH:

BLOGGING – You’ll find all kinds of guides and tutorials on how to grow your blog, create the community you desperately want, make money from your online biz + more!

SOCIAL MEDIA –Β Obviously social media is a huge part of running a successful business in the world today. Marketing + growing your community via social media is really important, and I share my favourite techniques and tips of the trade with you!

EMAIL MARKETING –Β Email marketing is a huge part of running a blog. I teach you how to start, grow and nurture your email list, and go through ways to make that list profitable.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP –Β Running a successful online blog and business makes you an entrepreneur! I like to share things from my own journey of becoming an entrepreneur + the things that I learn along the way.

There’s More?! That’s Right!

AIMH also has a Blogging Resources Library which is full of useful information, templates, guides, and planners that you can use at your leisure. We focus on ways to improve your content, update your graphics, create a media kit, and turn your blog into your business.

For access, please enter your name and email below. You will be signed up to the AIMH Squad, and your password will be emailed to you immediately.

Before You Go!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to starting a profitable blog + growing a successful biz, then you need to grab my ebook, Blog To Business.

I know what it’s like to enter the blogging community with your brand new blog and feel completely overwhelmed. It can feel like you’re standing on the edge of a very deep ocean of information. I decided to create an ebook that takes that feeling away, and instead gives you a step-by-step introduction into the what’s, how’s and why’s of blogging.

If you’re a complete beginner you will finish this book feeling much more confident, assured, and in control of your blog and the path you want to take it on.

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