The Best Tools For Blogging On A Budget

How To Start Blogging On A Budget + Still Use High Quality Tools To Grow Your Blog!

When you get into the blogging community and start your very first blog, it can actually end up feeling quite expensive. The cost of running a blog can put people off before they’ve even started, because they think it’s going to be out of their reach.

Everywhere you go, people are talking about all these must-have tools and resources that end up running your bank account dry! I want to share with you my top blogging on a budget tools and resources, that are actually super useful.

Personally, I love a good bargain. If you’re looking to blog for business however, you have to be super smart with your choices when it comes to what’s worth the expense.

That’s why I decided to create this guide to blogging on a budget – these are the tools that you don’t need a spend a fortune on to be just as effective!

I hope you find this helpful, and save some pennies too.

*This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission on purchases made, at no extra cost to you! Please see my disclosure policy for more info. I only ever recommend services that I love and use myself.*

Looking to run your blog on a budget? I show you the best tools for blogging on a budget, without compromising on high-quality tech! #bloggingonabudget #newblogger #bloggingtips
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1. Hosting Service – SiteGround

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, or you just want a better host for your website, then I highly HIGHLY recommend SiteGround.

I made the switch a couple of months ago, and it was literally one of the best decisions I made for my blog!

The reasons why I love SiteGround are:

  • it’s made my blog load so much faster, which is great for traffic and user experience
  • the SSL certificate comes free with the package, even the basic one, and it gives a high level of blog security
  • their customer service is superior, and they even transfer your blog across for you if you’re already set up with someone else
  • it’s super affordable and the quality is just exceptional

I paid around Β£40 for a full year of blog hosting, and it was definitely one of the best investments I have made for my blog.

You can check out SiteGround here and get set up from just Β£2.75 per month – it’s currently 60% off the normal price, so get in whilst the price is super low. You will not be disappointed.

2. Email Service Provider – MailerLite

I’m obsessed with MailerLite! It’s the best email service provider that I’ve tried, and believe me I’ve tried a few. Over the past year or so, I’ve tried MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber and more.

All of the other options I’ve tried have been either too expensive, too complicated or too frustrating to use.

Being totally honest, when I first started my blog I wasn’t exactly tech-savvy! I had never really got involved with email marketing before, and so it was a complete learning curve.

I found the first couple I tried just not user-friendly for beginners – and it really put me off!

MailerLite has so many functions, yet is super easy to use. I had no trouble moving my email list across, setting up branded forms, creating beautiful landing pages, and even setting up an awesome automated sequence.

MailerLite is 100% free for your first 1000 subscribers, which makes it absolutely brilliant for new and beginner bloggers who are just starting out, and also for experienced bloggers who love simple tools that JUST WORK.

You can sign up for MailerLite here with my affiliate link – I only recommend awesome products that I love and use myself! You might not even need to pay anything at all if your list is smaller than 1000 people.

3. Pinterest Scheduling Tool – Tailwind

Pinterest is my number one source of traffic, and I strongly believe that this is down to my personal strategy of using schedulers alongside manual pinning, working with trends, and looking at my Pinterest SEO as a constant learning curve.

I found that as soon I started using Tailwind seriously, my traffic increased, my click-throughs from Pinterest increased, and my affiliate income also starting growing.

I also love the Tribes feature of Tailwind, because you are able to get your pins out to millions of people who might not have seen your content otherwise!

Tailwind makes scheduling pins a breeze, and I hardly ever worry about filling up my schedule – I probably set it and forget it once a month.

You can sign up to Tailwind with my link and get an invite into my Tribe Blogging For Business. You also get $15 which is your first month of the Plus Plan. It’s definitely worth upgrading!

In the spirit of full honesty, I have the Plus Plan, and I have also upgraded my Tribes plan so that I can join unlimited Tribes and pin upto 200 pins a month to those Tribes.

This costs me around Β£21 a month altogether, but I think it’s 100% worth it!

4. Theme – Creative Market

I love Creative Market, and it’s one of my favourite finds as a blogger!

Inside you’ll find so many useful things to help you grow your blog. It holds themes, fonts, graphics and more, and the prices are so reasonable!

I got my theme from Creative Market, which was extremely affordable. It comes with lots of features, and it is perfect for where I’m at right now.

I’m actually saving up to buy a premium theme with full customisation abilities, but you can find some seriously awesome themes for really low prices.

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5. Graphic Design – Canva

Seriously, if you’ve just got involved with the blogging community or you’ve never used Canva before then you are missing out!

Canva is the perfect tool for creating beautiful graphics for your blog. It makes it super easy to build templates that you can use again and again. It takes all of the effort out of making graphics and I love it.

It’s free, or you can upgrade to a business plan, although to be honest I don’t actually have it and it works just fine for me!

I’ve talked about it a lot, so I’m not going to go on about it any more for fear of boring you…

6. Technology – Lenovo Ideapad

This is the laptop that I’ve used since I started my blog back at the start of 2017. It’s a tiny, lightweight laptop that does everything I need it to do.

I’ve got it in white, and I love the size of it because I can easily chuck it in my handbag and take it away with me.

I use this laptop on a daily basis, and it’s definitely the perfect choice for someone wanting to start blogging or move on from a tablet, but doesn’t have the massive budget for an expensive bit of tech.

You can check out the Lenovo Ideapad here on Amazon, and read a bit more about the features and whether it’d be a good fit for you.

7. Social + Marketing Tool – Sumo

Until very recently I was using Social Warfare for my blog and I still like it; it’s still something I would recommend.

However, I decided to have a look at Sumo again. I tried it many months ago, and for some reason it clashed with the theme I was using at the time, and wouldn’t work.

I gave it another try, because it comes with so many other features that I wanted to use!

It appears to be working absolutely fine with the theme I’m currently using, which is really good news.

Sumo is awesome for lots of different reasons, but my favourite bits of it are:

  • it’s free!
  • you can create a customised share bar, that will be completely on brand
  • it has lots of functions to help build your email list – I’m currently testing out the welcome mat feature to see if it increases conversions from my home page
  • you can connect it with most email service providers, including MailerLite, to make life so much easier!

Sumo is a plugin that you can use with your WordPress blog, and it’s ready to go in minutes. It’s also really simple to use, so I promise you won’t struggle with the techy side of things.

I hope that you have enjoyed my round-up of super useful tools for when you’re running your blog on a budget. Sometimes it can be a real worry about what it costs to run a blog, but as you can see there’s nothing to panic about!

There are many tools available on the market that don’t cost the earth, but don’t compromise on quality either.

Let me know in the comments your favourite budget blogging tools!


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