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Are You 100% Clear On Where People Are Finding Your Content?

As a blogger you’re probably using a lot of different methods to encourage people to click-through to your blog. Blog traffic is very important to building your own online presence. It’s not something to obsess over day and night, but it definitely plays a key part in your success as an entrepreneur.

You’re on all the social media platforms, you’re trying to use SEO, and you might be using bookmarking sites, comments + forums. Whew, that’s a lot! It can be really overwhelming trying to push your content everywhere. And it’s not really necessary!

Let me tell you why. A lot of your traffic is coming from two or three different sources. These are where your game is the strongest, and people are responding to your marketing. You need to find out where this blog traffic is coming from and what your top traffic sources are, because they are absolutely key when it comes to building your blog + your business.

Great, So How Do You Find Out Where Your Blog Traffic Is Coming From?

Your stats, of course! But where is the best place to find the most detailed information? You’ve probably guessed it: it’s Google Analytics. If you don’t already have your GA account set up, I urge you to jump over to this page here and get set up.

It doesn’t take long, and you will thank me for it later. It’s an extremely useful free tool; probably one of the best out there to be honest.

If you’ve already got GA up and running, then we’re good to go! You will need your data to work through this post and gain the most out of it. Bookmark this page if you’re not quite ready, and come back once you are. Getting GA is a really useful step when it comes to your business and working out what needs doing and where you can improve.

Where is your blog traffic coming from? I show you how to get 100% clear on your top performing traffic sources, and what to do with the info once you know! Grab your free blog traffic improvements tracker too!

How Do I Find Out Your Top Traffic Sources?

As with Google Analytics, there’s a report for exactly that.

You will need to use the Acquisition tab on your Google Analytics home page. Click on All Traffic, and then select Source/Medium from the drop down.

Blog traffic - use Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from

It will show you a screen that details where your traffic has come from for the last week. At the top of the page in the right-hand corner, you will be able to select the dates for the report to show.

I usually select the last 3 months to give me the best overview of my how my efforts have been paying off. It’s up to you, but go for too long a date range and you won’t be able to work out what’s improving, and go too short and you won’t get a clear enough picture.

What Are Your Top Three?

Once you’ve selected the date range, the report will refresh. Scroll down the page until you come across the table that shows the different traffic sources, and all kinds of data relating to them.

It shows sessions, the percentage of new sessions, new users, the bounce rate, the average pages per session, and the average session duration. These are all dependent on each type of traffic source.

What are your top three blog traffic sources? Do they include Twitter? Pinterest? Organic Google Search?

If, like me, you like to write things down to make it super simple and easy to visualise, then download your blog traffic tracker below:

What Do You Do Next?

This GA report gives you literally some of the most valuable information about your blog.

It shows you where your readers are coming from, and what they are doing once they are on your blog. You can use this information in so many ways, from simple leading up to seriously complicated. In this post, we are going to look at how you can use this information to directΒ more trafficΒ to your blog.

Because once you know where it’s coming from, getting more from those places is the obvious next step. You have techniques in place that are already working, and you are reaching the right people. Your main aim is to get your content in front of the people that it will help most.

By using your top three traffic sources, you will be able to see where the people who are interested in your content are finding it!

Write Down How You’re Going To Boost Each One

Now that you know where your traffic is coming from, it’s time work on growing each one of your blog traffic sources. The top three are the ones that are already performing well, so it makes total sense to me to grow these before worrying about any of the others.

You don’t need ten different traffic sources performing alright. You want three traffic sources performing phenomenally!

Your actions here depend on the different platform, but here are my top tips for growing your blog traffic sources, and doing more for your readers once they’ve arrived on your blog.

Social Media

  1. Make sure your profile is looking it’s absolute best
  2. Check your bio, profile photo and make sure it’s clear who you are and what you offer
  3. Ensure that the link from the profile sends readers to an opt in page. It needs to fit in seamlessly with your content. I send my social media followers here no matter what platform they’re on! Check it out to see how I make it work for providing free value, giving something my readers will want, and growing my email list at the same time
  4. Set up scheduling for your own posts and make sure you’re also present as often as possible
  5. Add content that other people have created, and don’t just share your own
  6. Give away free value to help people associate you with someone that gives them value and is helpful!

Search Engines

  1. Keep going through old posts and see if you can boost your SEO
  2. Check your photos have accurate alt text
  3. Link old posts to newer, relevant ones to help with site structure
  4. Comment on blogs with a higher domain authority than yours, although make sure you’re only leaving meaningful comments. I wouldn’t do this more than a couple of times a day maximum.
  5. Try to write guest posts for other popular sites in your niche. Use Moz to check out the DA and make sure it’s around 5 to 10 points higher than yours, or more if you can secure the go ahead!

Direct Traffic

  1. These are people coming directly to your URL through their browser. These are very important because they are most likely returning readers!
  2. Make sure you provide valuable and useful content for them to read
  3. Stick to a schedule – post once a week? Stick to it! They will be expecting it and the worst thing you want to do is disappoint them
  4. Include opt in forms, freebies, and content upgrades in all or most of your posts
  5. Mix it up with images, info-graphics, videos or gifs to add different fun elements to your content

Build Things Up Over Time

It’s not going to happen overnight, and it’ll take a while to implement each booster. But every step you take helps you get closer to your goals! At the end of the day your blog and your business is there to serve others and give them what they need. If you keep that at the forefront of your mind whenever you are creating something new then you will most definitely be on the right path.

Blog traffic is important – check out some of my other resources below to help you build on your readership!


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