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Everyone Needs Blogging Inspo

Blogging is hard work. Even when you feel like you’re just sitting in front of a desk all day, you’ve got to have a lot of energy and time on your hands to make sure the venture is worth it.

Especially if you’re just starting out! You need to build a following, be approachable and ever present on social media, and come up with fresh and new content every time inspiration hits.

The more you stick at this, the easier it gets, sure. But when you’ve been at it for a few years, and you’ve made the complete run of the content mill, you might be finding it just as hard as a beginner.

So if you’re running a blog, and in between your personal posts and those centered around your blog’s theme you’re running out of ideas, here’s some for your consumption. And don’t worry, your hard work researching them is going to pay off with how popular the posts can turn out to be!

If you’re struggling sitting in front of your laptop day in and day out, make sure you’ve got some good ideas on your side for next time!

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Need some blog topic inspiration? I give you some top tips for figuring out some new topics!

Handing Out Recipes

If you’re someone who has some great cooking tips and tricks up your sleeve, make sure you tell the world about them!

If you have a recipe section to your blog, you’re guaranteed to have new people popping onto your homepage every day; everyone needs to whip up meals for themselves and their family of an evening, and everyone needs advice on how to make the best flavour combinations to impress their mother in law.

It’s even been found that most people discover good food via the internet, especially when using social media. So if you’ve got a Facebook page alongside running your main blog somewhere else on the internet, make sure you link the two together.

We’ve all seen those viral videos that take our news feed by storm, so give yourself a chance to be on the same page. Sharing is your friend after all!

Have Some Advice Pieces

People are always on the lookout for some advice, and since the invention of the internet, the world wide web is where most people go to find the information they need.

So if you’ve got some good ideas about certain situations, whether they be political, medical, or critical, be sure to share them with the world. You never know how many like minded people you can find in your comments section.

And there’s a lot of opinions flying around out there, so let yourself be the voice of reason in your own corner of the internet.

You could write a piece on how to deal with a messy break up, or how parents can prevent drug abuse and addiction/; the list goes on and on. And usually, the more controversial a title seems, the more people that’ll come to you just to see what you have to say about it.

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Gadget Reviews and Honest Opinions

If you’re someone who loves the techy side of things, now’s your chance to show to the world how skilled you are at coding a website using the latest software or how well you can pilot a drone.

And if you’ve got some tips and tricks for your readers to use to their own advantage at the same time with these, you’re going to be incredibly popular amongst that side of the internet!

Not to mention, people love an honest review about something, and you can always make it clear that you’re never paid to say something, if need be.

Be as contrary as you like if you don’t like a feature, or you can be filled to the brim with praise if you really liked something.

And if you did, there’s a good chance the brand itself will reach out to you to see if you want to do something with them… Reviews are great way to network yourself, so become a critic in your spare time!

Ready to Get Writing?

You should have some good ammunition in your ideas bank by now, and you should put them to good use. People love to spend their time on the internet with a trusted content creator, so put yourself in that position with plenty of quality content for people to sift through when they visit your blog.

And with easy links back and forth on social media, you’re going to have more exposure for your clever words than ever!


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