How To Boost Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority Is One Important Measure Of Your Website

I’m sure as a blogger you will have heard of domain authority on your travels throughout the internet. But you might not know why it’s important and how to increase your own blog’s authority on the internet. Within this post, I’m hoping to answer all your questions about domain authority, and show you ways you can start to work on your own.

Domain authority is one of the things that brands and businesses will look at when deciding whether to work with you. It shows the popularity of your website, which directly relates to your desirability to others. Of course, there are obvious links between your domain authority and the likelihood of growing your blog and gaining partnerships. It’s just one of the reasons why boosting your domain authority is something worth focusing on.

It’s definitely worth including your DA within your media kit – if you need to create one check out my post on how to write a media kit that gets you noticed by brands.

If you’re interested in growing your DA and getting your blog on the radar for lots of opportunities, then I’m sure you’ll find this post super useful! If you’ve got any questions, please just drop me a comment below and I’ll be happy to help!

How To Find Out Your Current Domain Authority

First things first, it’s a good idea to know where your domain authority is currently sitting. I use SEO Review Tools to check mine every couple of weeks or so, to see how things are improving.

All you need to do is go to the Website Authority CheckerΒ and enter your website URL in the search box, prove you’re not a robot, and then click the ‘perform check’ button. Use your home page URL for this; for example I would use

You will be shown a screen that shows both the Page Authority for this URL, and the domain authority for the whole domain. Page authority is important, and can be used for individual blog posts, but for this post, we are only going to focus on domain authority.

Scroll down to see your blog’s domain authority. It will be shown in a bar format, because the score is calculated out of 100.

Websites such as Facebook and Google will have extremely high scores; they both actually happen to have a score of 100!Β However, when you’re first starting out, your score is likely to be a hell of a lot less than that, and that’s completely normal.

It’s more likely to be between 0 and 15, especially if you’re blog is pretty new. When you first start your blog and you register your domain, you’re going to be 0! And that’s absolutely fine, even if you’re blog’s domain authority is sitting at 0 right now. As I mentioned, we’re going to look at the different ways you can begin to grow your DA, so don’t panic!

I show you how to increase your blog's domain authority and why it's important to do it for your online biz.

How To Begin Boosting Your Domain Authority

Once you know what your domain authority is, we can look at the different ways in which you can boost it. These aren’t going to be easy fixes – these things will take time and hard work. There’s no simple way to boost your domain authority; it takes a combined effort of techniques, all of which have an impact.

Some of them you can actually work on, and some come from things you do but you can’t directly force them to happen. There are many different things that impact your DA, but these are some of the most common and well-known ones.

1. Time

The first way to grow your domain authority is one you cannot physically change – it’s simply time! As time goes on and your domain ages, this will have an impact on your DA score.

Of course, there’s nothing you can do to help time go quicker! So just know that as time goes on, your domain authority will increase.

2. Backlinks

Backlinks are exactly what they sound like! They are links from other websites to your blog, and are extremely valuable in regards to domain authority.

Not only do you want to get links to your blog, but these also need to come from popular, well-ranking websites in their own right. It’s a huge task,and takes planning, dedication and creativity.

But how do you work on getting backlinks to your blog?

A lot of people are tempted by dishonest methods of getting links from other websites, such as paying for them, which I think you should 100% avoid.

Instead, there are a few different things that you can do to help encourage people to link back to your blog:

  • Write incredible posts that people want to link back to because of the quality of the information you provide, and the originality you write with!
  • Get involved with writing guest posts for other bloggers within your niche – check out my post on guest posts and how to get started for more info on how to write for other people in the blogging community.
  • Link to other people’s content within your own, and then let them know that you’re sharing their work. It can help to build a relationship, and they may think of you when they’re writing their next post.
  • Create roundup posts of your own and share with the bloggers you involve – they may be inspired to write their own post and include one of yours!
  • You can also link to your own content using Quora – just find questions that relate to your topic, write a helpful response and include the link to one of your relevant blog posts

There are lots of positive things you can do to help increase the likelihood of other websites linking to your own. I really stand by the attitude of being 100% honest and remembering that you’re trying to grow a successful business built on a foundation of trust, expertise and honesty. In the end, these things will be the reason why your blog takes off, and you’ll be proud of yourself for doing the right thing every step of the way.

Growing your blog's domain authority is simple if you know how.

3. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a huge part of the ranking factors that are involved when it comes to your domain authority. It’s something that is pretty vital to your blog as a whole, and impacts other things such as your blog traffic, as well as it’s effect on your DA.

I’ve written a post about search engine optimisation for bloggers, and you definitely want to check this out if you’re completely overwhelmed by the tech side of SEO. I go through various things you can do within each and every one of your blog posts to increase your changes of ranking higher in search engine results, and how this can impact your blog in lots of different ways.

4. Social Proof

Another element of your overall domain authority strategy should include growing your social presence and encouraging people to share your blog posts.

It helps to link your blog to all of your social media accounts, and begin sharing your own blog posts regularly throughout the day.

I absolutely love Pinterest and Twitter, and focus on both of these to grow my social shares. I have written about using social media to grow your blog which gives you more info on creating a strategy to grow your profiles.

Another way to increase direct shares from your blog posts, you can use a plugin if you’re using WordPress that will make this super easy. I use one called Social WarfareΒ which brings up a share bar on all of your posts. It also displays the share count, which is really effective at encouraging people to click that button and share to their profiles.

Work on creating killer content that makes people excited to share and you’ll be on to a winner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this break down of how to start growing your domain authority. By working on these different areas as a whole, you will help to build a successful blog and grow your online business!

If you want more help and info on creating a blog and business that takes off, then you need to take my blogging course below! Enter your details, and get day one today. No waiting around or reading intro emails that don’t actually give you any value.

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