What Are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights are a new way of displaying content on your Insta profile! Save your stories as highlights at the top of your profile to help boost brand recognition on the constantly growing social media platform.

Uhm A Totally New Feature For Instagram Fans! Spend hours creating perfect content for your Instagram story, only for it to disappear 24 hours later? Feel like the effort just goes to waste?! Not anymore – Instagram very recently rolled out a completely new feature – Instagram Highlights! Basically a new way of creating aRead more

How I Reach 95k+ People A Month Via Pinterest

How to reach over 95k people a month with Pinterest! It's such an amazing tool for site traffic - I show you how to use Pinterest + Tailwind to reach those numbers for your blog.

Tailwind = Traffic Machine Okay, so I’ve spoken about Tailwind a few times before but it was time I dedicated an entire post to it! There are so many different scheduling tools out there, but for Pinterest, there’s nothing like Tailwind. A lot of the bigger bloggers count Pinterest as one of their highest trafficRead more

Get An Instagram Strategy | Top 10 Tips For Bloggers

Struggling to grow your Instagram strategy? I show you how to use the algorithm to your advantage! Get your hashtag guide - 100+ hashtags to help you grow your account + your following.

A Tough Platform To Grow On? You Need An Instagram Strategy It’s true. Instagram is notorious for being a difficult platform to see real growth on. There has been a change to the algorithm, and it means it’s even harder to get your content seen. It used to be a chronological system, whereas now, InstagramRead more