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Reaching For The Top

It would be safe to say, that you probably work. Maybe you just got out of college and need some money to start paying your rent, or maybe you finished university and are held up in some irrelevant job while you wait for something from your field to pop up. Maybe, you have been working in the same place for years on end purely because of convenience, and you find yourself no longer as young as you used to be, but still in the same job doing some menial task just because you find it “comfortable”.

Well, chances are, you are not enjoying your job, this isn’t cynicism speaking, but raw statistics. According to 2015 research from the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), a staggering 66% of people aged 18-34 want a career change with 54% willing to make that change within the next two years or earlier.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from just starting up your own business if you are tired of getting your CV rejected and emails unanswered. Some people want to become an entrepreneur, but some of them don’t want to do that full-time.

If that sounds more like you, let’s look at a few ways in which you could actually make that transition into a different line of work which you find yourself actually passionate about and then keep it.

Getting your final job and keeping it isn't as easy as it sounds!

Decide What You Want To Do, And Go For It

The sky’s the limit, at least that’s what they say, but the truth is that if education in a direction which you wish to become a professional in is not an option, then that might just not be so easy.

Rent has to be paid, toilet paper has to be bought, and stomachs have to be filled which constantly fuels the daily rat race for the average person, often not leaving much time to be spent on niceties, let alone proper long-term education.

Degrees which take years to get are simply unrealistic for some people, at least in the traditional sense. Fortunately for all of us with some loftier ambition than the mediocre job we are stuck with, someone has recognised this issue (it’s about time) and decided to do something about it.

For me, I have always wanted to be able to write for a living, and so blogging for me makes total sense. I love writing, and being able to use writing to help other people! Whatever this is for you, make it your priority.

Alternative Means Of Education

Nowadays you can go and get some proper qualifications out there, without being chained up to a library or school desk. Whether you wish to learn to code and several programming languages, or a graphic designer knowledgeable in numerous fields, you can go and get involved in various courses which fit your schedule.

Some cities, for example, London, even have proper full-time universities which operate in the evenings, allowing for the average working person with their nine to five job to attend and learn without sacrificing their livelihood.

Of course, other than getting “official qualifications” you can always go and become a self-taught specialist in a certain field which you find yourself fascinated by. It’s been proven to work before and if anything, it is much easier to do so now with the internet at hand, which more often than not proves to be one of the most powerful resources of information on this planet.

Pick up some online tutorials, start reading, start practising, and get stuck in. If you truly get good at something, no fancy stamped piece of paper will be needed when you amaze your employers with your impressive portfolio.

Starting Work In Your New Career Path

More often than not, companies will now be searching for candidates on the internet just as much, if not more, as in real life. Face to face interviews are still very much a thing, but according to some, slipping CVs in through the letterbox or dropping it off with the receptionist has become somewhat of an outdated cliché.

The truth is that if you are truly looking for your next placement and actually commit to it, then you should be using all available options to give yourself the best chance possible. Apply to online job searching sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice or Glassdoor, and once you’re done with setting up all your accounts, you will get a steady list of jobs coming in every day, both on the website and even your email if you wish.

Considering you can not only find jobs on those sites, but also apply through them, they can prove to be a great asset to your job search. Now, despite how great they can be, do not completely disregard the good ol’ door-to-door job searching, so make yourself a slick and eye-catching CV which screams that you mean business, and get yourself out there.

First impressions count, so if you do go out to drop some CVs off, don’t go in your tracksuit and old sweatshirt. Now, there’s no need to get your suit or blouse + skirt combo out just yet, but some smart-casual clothing never hurt anyone, and maybe, just maybe, you will come into the right place at the right time.

Keeping Your Dream Job

Now that you have your foot in the door, and the hardest part is over and done with, it is in your best interest to make sure that the rest of your leg goes through that door until you find yourself on the other side. It is not easy to constantly give your 100% all of the time in life, understandably so.

But, in the initial period where your manager or employer is going to be keeping an eye out on you to see if they didn’t make just make a huge mistake, you better be giving it all you got. Not to mention, you should get familiar with the ACAS code of practice which is will help you be a bit more confident, and possibly not stress out as much as you could be.

It’s easy to slip up and make some silly mistakes at the start like coming in late. “The busses took longer than expected”, “the trains were delayed”, “the dog ate your shoes”, we’ve all been there before, but now that we know this can happen, be smart about it and take precautions. Leave early, be prepared for potential disasters, and do not give your employer a reason to want to get rid of you. First impressions most definitely count, so make your initial weeks praise-worthy rather than worry-worthy.

*This is a contributed post. See my disclosure policy for more info*

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