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I know what it’s like to struggle with your blogging questions, and never seeming to find a complete answer.

All In My Head was created to help you through everything in the blogosphere! 

Content creation, digital marketing, email marketing, social media management + finding the right tools and resources to blog for business.

Taking you through everything you need to know to build a profitable blog.

We go through everything with NO OVERWHELM!

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Hi! My name is Laura and I am the founder of All In My Head.
I wanted to create a place where new and experienced bloggers alike could come + get the answers to their biz questions. We’re all in pursuit of the laptop life here, looking to run an online business using our passion to earn an income.

Check out the AIMH Blogging Course below – 7 days jam-packed with everything you need to start a successful blog!

How to write a blog that makes you money.

Day 1

All about creating killer content that hits the spot with your readers. All about your target audience.

Day 2

Email list central! How to grow an email list + why it’s vital for your blog and your profits.

Day 3

We’re talking blog traffic today + setting up techniques to grow your visitor count each month.

Day 4

Let’s get social! All about maxing out your social media profiles + use them to grow your blog and biz.

Day 5

Part 1 of making money from your blog! All about sponsored content + how to make it work for you.

Day 6

Part 2 of making an income from your blog – affiliate marketing! Tips + secrets to earning money.

Day 7

The final day – an intro into a blogger’s most lucrative option for making money: creating your own products/services

How To Write A Blog That Makes Money

Blogging is a sprint, not a marathon! 

Find out how to create content that STANDS OUT and your readers snap up, how to design a website that gives a great impression of your brand, and how to build an email list full of raving fans.

How To Get To 30K Page Views On Your Blog

Struggling to get page views on your blog?

We look at SEO, social media, Pinterest and other content strategies to get your blog in front of the people that matter.

Get An Instagram Strategy | Top 10 Tips For Bloggers

Instagram is one of the toughest platforms online for bloggers – FACT.

I show you how to use this platform and it’s often changing algorithms to your advantage, and grow your blog + your social media following.

Blog To Business E-book

This e-book will take your blog from a passion project to a fully-fledged business. It will give you the perfect foundation, and give you the knowledge and confidence to grow your online business.

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information for new bloggers, then this one-stop e-book gives you everything you need to know in one place.


Sold at £4.00 to make it accessible for everyone.

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