Work Harder With A Productive Blogging Office Space

Creating A Productive Space Is Super Important When Working From Home

When you are blogging for a living, and working from home on a daily basis, then its super important to create a productive blogging office space. Somewhere that you know is for work, and gives you motivation and helps you feel super ready to smash your goals. It’s more key to your success than you might realise!

I’m going to show you some of my top tips for creating an office space within your home that makes you feel organised, productive and ready to take on the world. You can do this even if you have limited space, and a really small budget. I spent around Β£50 in all to create my blogging work space, so don’t worry if you’ve only got a few pounds to make this work for you.

Let’s rock the #laptoplife and create a beautiful space to work from that makes you feel even more lucky going to work every day.

Need a more productive space to run your blog and business from? I show you how to create a productive blogging work space, to run your biz + stay on top of your blogging priorities.

1. The Desk

You definitely need a proper desk somewhere that will become your working zone. I bought a really cheap desk from a local hardware store – it was just under Β£20, so really affordable.

All you need is a table somewhere, preferably downstairs to help you get away from your bedroom! It’s so easy to stay in bed and blog from there, but it’s much better for productivity, and your well-being, if you get out of bed, and go to your designated space to work.

By having a space that signifies work and getting things done, you’ll feel so much more productive and organised when you’re sitting at that desk. I think it kinda relates to having a job – if you’re blogging for a living, then it’s still your job. You have to take it seriously if you’re going to stick at it and make it a success.

My blogging work space, where I run my blog + biz!

2. The Chair

It’s pretty important to make sure that you’ve got a comfy chair to sit on. You’re likely going to be sitting in it for quite a few hours every day. You want to make sure that you’ve got something comfy and supportive to sit on!

You can get comfortable office chairs from lots of different places – just look for ones with good support. It can also be really helpful to use cushions and throws to make it even more luxurious and enjoyable to sit it.

Make it something that you are happy to sit on all day, and know that you won’t be left with a backache!

3. The Positioning

You really want to make sure that your desk is located somewhere warm, with lots of natural light. It will help you feel motivated and awake if you’ve got the natural light around you. Having it somewhere warm will also encourage you to choose sitting there over your cosy bed!

I’ve got my desk underneath a window in our living room. It’s also above a radiator so it’s really warm and cosy, but I’ve got the light to keep me alert and awake all day long.

4. The Extras

For me, decorating my office area is really important. The things I add to my desk have a few different benefits and meanings to me, and I think it’s great for you to do the same when you’re creating your blogging work space. I am going to quickly talk about the things I have on mine, to hopefully give you a bit of inspiration and some ideas for your own desk.

The coffee is 100% essential to my blogging office space!


I have a couple of plants on and around my desk. Indoor plants really help brighten my mood, and I want to add lots more to my house as time goes on. On my desk I’ve got a really cute little succulent that is almost in the shape of a rose, which looks really pretty. I’ve also got a purple orchid on the windowsill in front of me, which is just starting to flower again. Me and my partner almost killed it, but we’ve managed to nurse it back to life!

Pens + Notebook

I’ve got a cute mug with ‘Good Morning’ written on it, which I use as a pen pot. I have my notebook with me a lot of the time, and I like to physically write things down. Having a pen handy at all times is really useful because if a good idea comes to me then I will be able to get it down on paper rather than hoping I’ll remember!

I try to keep my notebook out and on my desk with me, although most of the time it does live in my handbag. If I’m ever out and about, I know that I’ve got it on me if I keep it there!

Coffee + Coaster

Being honest, I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan. I’ve been to Harry Potter world and I even have a deathly hallows tattoo on my arm…

So when I saw this coaster, I definitely had to get it! I actually got it for Christmas from my partner, because I made him buy it for me! It’s a deathly hallows one again, and I love it.

I have a constant supply of coffee throughout the day, as I really can’t function without it. My desk is right next to the kitchen, so getting up to make coffee is a two-minute job!

My Harry Potter coaster! Coffee helps me stay alert and productive, and I have to have a constant supply throughout the day!


I also have a couple of little bits that decorate the area, and more specifically the windowsill in front of me.

I’ve got a black and gold glittery box that my mum gave me to hold one of my presents one birthday. It’s very pretty, and I use it to hold important things – my passport etc. I’ve got that on one end of my windowsill, and I think it really goes with the other things I have around my work space.

I’ve also got a small quote print that I got from Dot Creates, who does a lot of really lovely blogger accessories and stationery. Definitely worth checking out if you like pretty and functional journals, prints, and stationery!

The other little bits include a candle, and more pens! I love pens; I’m a bit of a sucker for stationery! I love things around me that make me smile and look pretty, and I always gather these kinds of things together before I start. It’s lots of fun making things look nice, and it makes me feel good when I sit at my desk.

My blogging work space, sitting with my cup of coffee at all times!

Altogether, These Create A Pretty, Organised + Productive Blogging Work Space!

For me, all of these things together really contribute to a productive blogging work space, and I feel that I can get the job done when I’m working from here.

Don’t get me wrong, I do work from my bed sometimes – and why the hell not?! It’s my blog and business, and I love the freedom that working from home gives me. If I want to stay in bed for the day and only get out for food, then I can do that!

But mostly, I love working from my desk. It gives me a much more satisfied feeling, that I’ve got up and done things with my day. If people come round, then they don’t worry about me being in bed, and they can see me working hard from my desk! My mum worries when I’m in bed all day, which is nice really.

But, I like feeling productive and motivated, and having my work space 100% helps with that.


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Ms Via

Wow Laura liked the idea of having a blogging work space. I am always sitting on my bed with everything spread out hehehe. I liked your perfectly organized work space it is more productive for sure. Lovely pictures as always. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your support honey.

Renard Moreau
Renard Moreau

[ Smiles ] Wow! Your blogging office space is clean and beautiful!