How To Get People To Actually Read Your Emails!

An Email List Needs Nurturing – Which Means You Need People To Read Your Emails

Of course, it makes sense! For your email list to grow into an engaged community, you actually need people to open and read your emails.

This can be a lot of hard work, especially when you first start getting involved with email marketing. You might feel completely overwhelmed, and have no idea what to write.

This post is going to explain the best practices for getting your subscribers to open your emails, and how this impacts the overall success of your email marketing efforts.

If you haven’t already started your email list, head to my post about using MailerLite to grow an email list for free. It shows you how to go from zero subscribers to a list of interested subscribers. If you’ve already started your email list, but haven’t got many people on it, then you might want to check out my post on getting 100+ email subscribers every month.

If you’re ready to go ahead and get your list of subscribers reading your emails, then let’s get into the post.

Struggling with open rates for your email campaigns? I got you covered with this guide to getting people to actually open and read your emails!

Email Marketing Stats

So, the first thing to look at is some email marketing stats, that will help put things into perspective. They will give you some benchmarks to work towards, and will help you realise the hard work is paying off!

Check out these statistics from Wordstream:

  1. 73% of millennials identify email as their preferred means of business communication.
  2. 72.9% of 18-24 year olds use their phones to check email.
  3. In the UK, every one pound spent on email marketing has an ROI of £38; in the US, it’s $44.
  4. The average open rate for businesses cross-industry? 20%.

These are some really useful stats, and help us understand the impact that email marketing can have on your business. It’s literally huge for your success!

The most important metric to think about – the average open rate for businesses across the board is 20%. I always use this as the benchmark when I send my own email campaigns. Anything less than 20% and the email is a flop!

The Most Important Factor To Get People To Read Your Emails

It’s the subject line!

It’s the single, most important element of any email marketing campaign. Without a strong subject line that makes people interested and intrigued, then no-one will read your emails, at least not to begin with.

You need to work on your subject lines to help encourage your subscribers to actually click on your emails and open them!

How to get your emails read!

Here’s my top tips for writing a subject line that makes your email just dying to be opened:
  • Write the content first, then go back and update the subject line – doing it this way will make sure that the title relates exactly to the content, and you won’t waste time thinking of an awesome title. It can be an inspiration killer to wait, get the body of the email done first!
  • Avoid spammy words such as free, make money, buy, clearance, cash and discount – spam filters are really sensitive to a lot of things – check out this ultimate list of spam trigger words from HubSpot for more info on what not to include.
  • Keep it a bit secretive and intriguing to the reader: instead of writing “email marketing is the key to a successful business”, simply write “this is the key to a successful business”. People are interested and will have to read the email to find out the answer! You need to do what you can to entice people in, whilst still giving them enough information to keep them interested.
  • Make it about the reader, but don’t use their name – simply say “your guide to blogging” rather than “here’s your guide to blogging (name)”. I think it’s more appealing without it, it can kind of seem a little needy if you keep including their name in the subject.
  • Keep it short and sweet – if you write anything too long, half of it will be cut off anyway! Make it precise and you won’t need to drag it out.
  • Include emojis – in 2018 emojis and GIFs are a great marketing tool as they speak to the younger generation in such a big way. A smily or winking face can really help people relate to you!

Remember – The Point Of Email Marketing

Your email marketing strategy should have one main focus: building an engaged community.

Do this by giving your subscribers lots of free value within your emails, that they wouldn’t find else where.

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I hope you have found this post useful, and will see your open rates increasing. It’s definitely trial and error getting your email campaigns to be more successful, but keep at it.

Email marketing isn’t going anywhere, and is a vital part of any online business. Learn the basics and start growing your online tribe! You’ll never regret the time you put in, even at the start.

Your email list will grow and you will reap the rewards as you begin to make an income from your blog.

Don’t forget to sign up for the AIMH Blogging Course, a 7 day course via email that will give you the perfect foundation for a successful blog. I also pop into your inbox once or twice a week with my private blogging tips and tricks!


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This is such a great post! I have yet to create an email list for my blog, but I’m definitely considering doing so now! Thank you for your help 🙂 <3