How To Write A Blog That Makes Money

Looking To Write A Blog That Makes You Money?

So, you figured that blogging could make you money but you’re not sure how to write a blog that actually brings in an income? When I first found out that blogging could be a potential career, I knew I needed to figure out how to write a blog that actually makes me money.

I wanted to use my passion for writing and teaching people to grow an online business, and blogging was something I kind of fell into! I never knew that you could even earn money blogging until I started researching how to blog successfully.

I look up to people like Michelle Schroeder from Making Sense Of Cents, Meera Kothand from MeeraKothand and Chelsea Clarke from HerPaperRoute. They are all strong, successful entrepreneurs who know how to write a blog, and run a business around it.

These are the people who inspire me and encourage me to keep working at my blog and business because they show that it’s 100% possible.

If you’re looking to write a blog that brings you a supplement to your day job’s income, or actually become your full-time job, then there are lots of things to take into consideration.

We’re going to look at the top three things to writing a successful blog, and how you can put these into action to reach those #bloggoals!

In this post, you'll learn how to write a blog that makes you money! We talk about the top three things to work on to help you write a better blog, build a community and write kick ass blog posts.

Blogging Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

It’s going to take time to become a successful blogger. Those that are making hundreds of thousands of pounds from their blogs have been hustling for a long time. They haven’t just landed on their feet in the first few months of having a blog.

It’s all about learning the hard way, testing strategies and tactics and taking leaps of faith.

If you’re looking for a guide on how to write a blog that will make you money, then you’re in the right place.

I’m going to share with you how to write a blog that makes you an income, focusing on content creation, blog design and building an email list – the most important elements of a blogging strategy.

How To Write A Blog That Makes Money – Content Creation That Makes You STAND OUT

If I’m going to teach you how to write a blog that makes money, then the first thing we need to focus on is your actual writing, and the posts that you churn out to your audience.

Content really is king, and it’s super important to work on your writing skills. Blog writing is actually quite different to the writing styles you learnt at school.

There are different techniques when writing blog content that actually work better in this format:

  • Use short, punchy paragraphs that are easy to read and digest
  • Use bullet points, numbered lists, bold text and headers
  • Include images that relate to the topic, and screenshots, charts and infographics if possible
  • Write in your own voice – there’s no need to be formal! You can stay professional and still project your personality and style into your blog – that’s what makes it stand out!
  • Have fun with it! Blogging is an amazing career choice, and if you’re going to make it work long-term then you need to keep the passion and inspiration that made you start in first place

How to write a blog that makes you money.

How To Write A Blog Full Of Content Your Readers Snap Up

So, you know how to write blog content, but now you need to focus on what to write about.

The key to creating content for your blog is finding out exactly WHO you are writing for, and then tailoring your content to their needs.

Blogging successfully is not about you, it’s about your readers.

To write a blog that makes you money, you need to focus on writing blog posts that fix your readers problems. You want to give them the solutions to their issues so that they position you as the expert on your topic.

Learn about your target audience in lots of detail. What do they like? What industry do they work in? Do they have a family? What kind of income do they have? What problems do they struggle with?

By figuring out exactly who you’re writing your blog posts for, you can create content that speaks to them on the level they are looking for.

They will begin to see you as the answer to their problems, and that is where it gets interesting!

Designing Your Website To Keep A Positive Impression Of Your Brand

Content creation is definitely more important, but if you want to write a blog that makes you money then you do need to think about your website design.

People will land on your blog from a variety of sources, and you want each and every one of them to realise that you take your blog seriously.

Make sure you have a clean blog design that is simple to navigate. Don’t overload your menus, and keep your categories simple.

Give people clear options on what you want them to do. Tell them what you want to do next – sign up for your email list, look at your products/services, read the next blog post – make sure you use a clear call to action in your posts.

Work on your branding too – keep things as cohesive as you possibly can. People recognise your blog and your content if you keep up with the same fonts, style and colours.

Writing a blog is about consistency, content and marketing successfully.

Building An Email List Full Of Fans Of Your Brand

Part of writing a blog that makes an income is also writing killer email marketing copy.

Growing your email list is extremely important because these are the people who love your content so much that they want to get more from you.

They want to be in the know when it comes to the things that you create, and that’s amazing!

Do not take these people for granted.

They are your tribe, and they will be the ones that cheer you on, read all your blog posts, buy your products and tell their friends about you.

Work on building an email list through your blog, social media and Pinterest marketing and nurture those people:

  • Direct people to landing pages where you can capture their email address
  • Give away free value that encourages people to give you their info in return
  • Let them in on exclusives that they won’t find on your blog
  • Keep them warm by staying in touch at least once a week
  • Use your name as your who from? in your email marketing campaigns
  • Don’t worry about people who unsubscribe – whilst it might hurt a little, try to see it is a good thing! These people aren’t really your tribe, and won’t become raving fans who buy your products. That’s okay – focus on the people who are your tribe instead
  • Don’t just throw together your opt-in incentives. Take the time to create things that people are really going to want and provides them with lots of value. ALWAYS over-deliver with whatever you do.

Take time with writing your emails to your subscribers. Write a kick arse welcome sequence to introduce people to your list, and then work on your weekly updates with care.

People connect with a brand because of the way they communicate and treat their customers. Make sure to take that on board whenever you email your list.

Treat them like customers, and they’re more likely to become customers!

When learning how to write a blog that makes money, the three most important things are content creation, website design and branding, and email marketing. With all of those things working in tandem, your blog will grow.

Once you’ve mastered these things, it’s time move on to blog traffic. Read my post about reaching your first 30K page views with your blog, and learn how to grow your audience.



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