How To Write The Perfect Guest Post

Once You Know The Anatomy Of The Perfect Guest Post It Will Grow Your Audience Like No Other!

Guest posting is amazing for your blog because it exposes you and your content to new audiences. It’s the perfect opportunity to show what you can do and how much free value you can provide! If done right, a guest post can get you lots of traffic, subscribers and customers. The perfect guest post is easy once you know how.

You already spend a lot of your time writing killer content – after all that’s what being a blogger is all about!

And writing a guest post is similar, although there’s a few key differences that we’re going to look at in this post.

There’s a formula to follow that will help you reach new people with your content, and make them HAVE to come over to your blog, subscribe to your email list and buy your products.

The first thing you need to do is work on the foundation before jumping right in and worrying about the actual content of a hypothetical post!

Writing the perfect guest post isn't as complicated as it sounds! Check out my top tips to getting the most out of it - traffic, subscribers + customers.

Find Some Suitable Blogs To Pitch To

When it comes to writing guest posts, you will need to find blogs that relate to your own blog niche and the kind of content you post.

When people read your guest post and click through to your blog it will help if the content they find when they get there actually relates!

Take time to research popular blogs in your niche that are accepting guest posts. Keep a list of them written down, as you’re going to need it for the next step.

Making A Connection With Other Bloggers

Once you have the list of blogs that you would be interested in guest posting for, you need to start connecting with the owner of these blogs.

This helps get you on their radar, and means they’re more likely to accept a guest post from you!

There are a few different ways that you can do this:

  • Comment on their blog at least once a week, or when they post a new article
  • Join their mailing list and check out what they’ve got to say
  • Follow them on social media
  • Interact with their social media posts, giving likes, retweets or shares
  • Share their content on your own social media, and tag them in it so they can see you’ve done it

By building a relationship in such a way, the partnership has value for both of you. Make it about that shared interest, and people will be much more likely to connect with you.

Take some time to get to know their blog, and read their content. When you send them your pitch to guest post for them, you will be able to mention that connection – say how much you loved a recent post of theirs for example.

By taking the time to set the foundation of a good relationship, you are much more likely to get accepted for guest post opportunities!

A Relevant Topic

When it comes to pitching guest post ideas to other bloggers, it’s really important that you focus on what you are offering them.

You need to make yourself familiar with their content, and look at the kinds of topics they already post on their blog.

Imagine how silly you would look if you pitched a finance post to a food blogger!

It makes no sense, it doesn’t relate, and they’re very unlikely to want to put it on their blog – wasting your time and theirs.

This is another reason that it’s crucial to do your research before you send out your pitch.

The more prepared you are the better – and the more professional it will help you look!

The Perfect Title

If you’re going to be pitching a guest post, it’s vital to write a title for the post that will draw in readers and make people excited to read the post.

This is also important within the pitch itself – no self-respecting blogger wants to share a post on their blog if it has a crappy title!

Also keep away from click bait. Click bait is where you give your post a title that will get lots of clicks but the content doesn’t actually relate to it. Something that is shocking or unbelievable that actually leads to something average and uninteresting!

There’s a fine line between click bait and an awesome title that shows off exactly what the post is going to give!

Using click bait titles isn’t the right way to build trust and respect for your blog and brand.

You want people to read an exciting, promising title, and then read your post and get exactly what they were expecting.Β That’sΒ the way to build trust, respect and confidence in you!

The Pitch

When you have decided which blogs you are going to pitch, you’ve built up a connection and you know what kind of post you would write for that blog, then it’s time to go ahead and contact the owner of the website.

To do this, it’s important to check the rules of their guest posting process if they have one. A lot of bloggers have a ‘work with me’ or ‘write for me’ page on their blog with all the info you need.

Check first, and if you cannot find this page, simply locate a contact email. Most bloggers will have this somewhere because they want others to be able to contact them!

Then it’s just a case of writing a pitch to them, explaining why you want to write for them, what you want to write about, and how this benefits them.

I’ve sent out a couple of emails, and have been featured on a couple of different blogs, such as Beautiful Dawn Designs and Yes To Tech. I love guest posting for other bloggers, and having people guest post for All In My Head.

[If you want to contribute to AIMH, please email me at!]

The Writing Process – The Perfect Guest Post Template

Okay, so you’ve pitched your idea and been accepted, and now it’s time to write your post.

There are a few different things to remember to include, andΒ below are some tips that make your blog post more likely to gain some traction, and bring readers, subscribers and customers over to your site.

Keep in mind that you’ve been given an opportunity to show off what you can do and your skills as a writer!

It’s time to bring out the big guns.

Write a detailed, original and interesting post, that goes deep into the topic. I always advise writing at least 1500 words for a guest post, to really give a good impression of the amount of knowledge and expertise you have on a subject.

Make sure to include a link or two back to your own related blog posts – if this is allowed as part of the deal. Use this chance to send people back to some of your best work.

Don’t forget to include some awesome photos, preferably ones you have taken yourself, or at the very least, premium stock photos that relate to the topic.

I also advise checking whether you can include a bio when submitting your guest post.

If you are able to, then brilliant! Use this to sell yourself, explain what you offer, and include a further link to a landing page so that you can secure subscribers. I would advise leading people to your email list, rather than direct to a purchase page.

With all of the above included, your guest post will be professional and provide readers of the blog with an insight into another related blogger who they’re also going to love!

Use this process every time you write a guest post and you’ll find that as time goes on you will reap the benefits. Check your referrals on Google Analytics and keep track of the traffic you receive from writing guest posts!

Summary Of Writing The Perfect Guest Post

Whilst there a few things to take into consideration, writing the perfect guest post is quite simple once you know what you need to do.

It’s very much like writing your own blog posts, although there’s a little more focus on the fact that you’re writing for someone else’s website.

Make sure that you create content that really stands out and makes you shine as a writer! It’s a brilliant way to increase the all important links back to your own site too – it can really help increase your blog’s domain authority.

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This was super helpful; thanks! I’ve just started writing more guest posts for other bloggers and having a plan going forward will really help.