Create A Media Kit For Your Blog + Connect With Brands

Create a media kit for your blog - it's one of the best things you can do to grow your brand + reach out to companies for sponsored content. It's the best way to ensure you look like a professional blogger!

What Is A Media Kit? A media kit is basically a CV for your blog! It’s a way of gathering all the information about your blog and your brand into one handy document. You can give it to brands and collaborators so that they can get an insight into who you are and what youRead more

Brand Spotlight: GOSH

My First Brand Spotlight! I love GOSH, and so I decided to do a brand spotlight! I wanted to focus on this brand and the products that I absolutely love from them. This is the start of a monthly Brand Spotlight series, to showcase my favourite brands and hopefully introduce you to some new productsRead more

The Best Facebook Groups To Grow Your Blog

Looking for Facebook groups to grow your blog? These are some of my favourites, including my own!

The Best Facebook Groups? Facebook has Groups, which are basically online communities. Members either have similar interests or goals, and use the community to talk and discuss these with each other. They are a great way of getting traffic to your blog, and if you haven’t already, then you should definitely think about joining some!Read more

How To Grow Your Twitter Following Organically

Wanna grow your Twitter account? I show you the ways I've grown mine to nearly 3k in a few months, without resorting to any dodgy tactics!

Twitter Is My New-Found Obsession Looking to grow your Twitter following? I certainly am! As a blogger, growing your following on social media is very important. The numbers don’t matter as long as you are growing and engaging your readers! However, having a large following means our content is reaching more people in one go,Read more