How To Write A Welcome Email Sequence Your Subscribers Will Love!

I show you how to create a killer welcome email sequence that your subscribers will love! Blogging + email marketing isn't a lost art - I show you how to make it relevant today, for your blog and business.

Greet Your Subscribers To Your List With A Great Welcome Sequence Growing your email list is really important for your blog and business. Email marketing is a huge part of any great blogging strategy and is something you should definitely focus on if you’re wanting to make money from your blog. Today we’re going toRead more

Starting An Email List | How To Get Your First Subscriber!

Want to start an email list? Not sure how? I show you how to get your first email subscriber! No fluff, just the info you need to convert readers into subscribers! Grab your free welcome email template to make sure you're making the right first impression with your email list.

Why Do I Need An Email List? If you’re a blogger and haven’t already started an email list, then it’s definitely something that should be a top priority. The basic principle is collecting emails from your readers so that you can contact them directly. You own your email list, and no-one can take it awayRead more