How Blogging Can Turbo Charge Your Business

Blogging can turbo charge your business! I show the reasons why, and how you can do it for your business!

Why Should You Blog If You Run An Online Business? If there’s one trend that shows no sign of slowing down in business, it’s blogging. Now that content is officially king to master the search engine algorithms and drive customers to you via the web, a blog needs to be a part of your businessRead more

What You Really Need In Your Blog Sidebar To Make An Impact

These are the things you really need in your blog sidebar to make an impact on your readers. To make a connection, grow your audience + build your blog!

Your Blog Sidebar Is Really Important! It usually appears on all of your blog posts, and your homepage. This makes your blog sidebar really important real estate on your website. By making the most of this space, you can make a massive impact on your readers! I’m going to walk you through the key thingsRead more

Find Your Blog Traffic Sources + Boost Them!

Where is your blog traffic coming from? I show you how to get 100% clear on your top performing traffic sources, and what to do with the info once you know! Grab your free blog traffic improvements tracker too!

Are You 100% Clear On Where People Are Finding Your Content? As a blogger you’re probably using a lot of different methods to encourage people to click-through to your blog. Blog traffic is very important to building your own online presence. It’s not something to obsess over day and night, but it definitely plays aRead more

What Are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights are a new way of displaying content on your Insta profile! Save your stories as highlights at the top of your profile to help boost brand recognition on the constantly growing social media platform.

Uhm A Totally New Feature For Instagram Fans! Spend hours creating perfect content for your Instagram story, only for it to disappear 24 hours later? Feel like the effort just goes to waste?! Not anymore – Instagram very recently rolled out a completely new feature – Instagram Highlights! Basically a new way of creating aRead more