The Self-Care Bible?

Taking care of yourself involves more than taking a bubble bath. If you're serious about taking care of yourself, for the long haul, then you need the self care bible!

Where To Start With Self-Care?

Self-care is basically the process of taking care of yourself and your surroundings for a more relaxed, peaceful, and organised life. It’s taking the time to do the right things for your mind, body, and soul. A lot of the self-care guides you see will go on about taking a bath, eating your favourite junk food, and watching crappy movies in bed all day. And whilst sometimes that can be amazing, there are better ways to take care of yourself on a daily basis!

I created the realistic self-care bible because I need it myself! As someone who suffers from chronic anxiety and depression, I know that the going gets tough sometimes. When I’m going through a particularly bad episode, I can stay in bed all day, eating junk food to keep me alive, and sit working from my laptop. Whilst that sounds great, in reality it’s not the best way to run my life!

It’s all about starting small and focusing on the things that you actually need to do – that is taking care of yourself.

First – Take A Shower

I’m not talking about having an all day pamper session – just have a shower and get yourself decent. Wash your hair, get out and put nice clothes on. Sort out your hair and brush your teeth. Whilst some people think that’s obvious and something they do every day without fail, there are other people out there that struggle with that kind of thing sometimes.

I know I can put off having a shower because it’s easier to just dry shampoo my hair and stick it in a bun. But it’s much better to have a hot shower and start the day fresh. It’s about preparing yourself for the day, and making yourself presentable. You will feel better for making the effort and being clean and tidy!

There’s no shame in struggling with this sometimes, but by making the small bit of effort to force yourself into the shower, you will really notice how much better you feel when you get out.

Use your favourite shower gel so that you can soak in the lovely scent of it. Personally, I use the Original Source shower gels; they have such amazing variety. I love this one; the sweet apple and vanilla milk one. It’s just so fruity and refreshing!

Sort Out Your Living Space

Having an untidy and cluttered living space can make a big impact on how you feel, sometimes without you even noticing it. Make it your aim to do at least fifteen minutes of tidying up and clearing away each day. Take all pots and cups through to the kitchen and make sure they’re washed up each day. Empty the bins and tidy away your clothes.

Just doing these simple things each day will make a massive difference on your surroundings and how you feel about your living space. Having a clean, tidy, and organised home makes me feel less stressed, more focused, and on some level, happier!

I am quite a tidy person, but my partner is very messy. I feel like we’re constantly battling to keep our home tidy. I’m currently on a mission to live a more minimalist lifestyle. I’ve tried it before, and even blogged about it a couple of times when I’d not long started AIMH. It fizzled out, but this time I’m determined to get everything under control.

There’s a process of keeping only the things you either need or love, so that when you look around your home, that’s all you see. It makes you feel more content with what you’ve got, because you stop seeing all the things you need to change and sort out. Instead you see the things you’ve chosen to be there for a reason! Making the effort now will pay off in the long run.

Taking care of yourself involves more than taking a bubble bath. If you're serious about taking care of yourself, for the long haul, then you need the self care bible!
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Treat Yourself To A Hearty Meal

Snacking on junk food can give you a short-term high, but leaves behind a feeling of guilt and annoyance with yourself, or at least it certainly does for me! I find it so difficult to force myself to actually have three proper meals a day, but I’m working on it.

Cook yourself your favourite healthy meal, and take the time to sit and enjoy it. It will make you feel much better within yourself and you will be proud of making a healthy choice! It’s such a simple change that will make a big difference in how you feel. You’re likely to be less bloated, less stuffed, and more content with the meal you’ve eaten.

If you struggle to cook because you’ve never really learnt, then it’s definitely a useful skill to work on. Not only that, it’s also a really mindful thing to do and can reduce stress! Double whammy!

Mindfulness is another important thing to work on – and it’s not as hippie dippie as it sounds! You can get some great apps for your phone, such as Headspace, or books to read on the subject if you’re interested. Mindfulness is about focusing on the here and now, eat

Start A Bullet Journal

I love my bullet journal and the time I spend on it. It’s a mindful thing to do, which really helps with anxiety, and helps you feel more organised. If you haven’t started one yet, but are interested, I wrote a post on getting set up with your very first bullet journal. You can also have a look at my Pinterest board here for more inspiration. Pinterest has some amazing ideas and I get so motivated to make mine look as beautiful as other people’s!

Bullet journalling is something that I became obsessed with around two years ago. Since then I’ve gone through a fair few notebooks! I’ve just started a new one, in a gorgeous navy blue Leuchtturm which you get from Amazon.

They are amazing for being creative, organised, and setting yourself goals. I don’t use mine for blogging – I have a separate notebook I use for my blog schedule, which you can read about here.

Marble covered notebook used for my blog schedule

Go Outside!

Being outside is brilliant for your health, and you should aim to get outside for at least ten minutes a day, no matter what the weather. Your body needs vitamin D and you will feel much more refreshed!

If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, then a good blast near the sea can be a great way to clear out the cobwebs and give yourself a fresh perspective! I live about ten miles from the coast, and whilst we don’t go as often as we say we should, it can be great to head to the beach and go for a long, blustery walk along the sandy shore.

There are so many benefits to getting outside and getting some fresh air! It’s definitely worth scheduling just a few minutes a day to get out there and enjoy it.

Make Some Decisions

Like they say, a change is better than a rest. And if you’re feeling like things in your life aren’t going the way you want them to, then there’s nothing wrong with making some changes. Your life is entirely in your hands and if you want to, you can completely change the direction of your path!

Don’t ever feel hopeless and like you’re stuck in one place. You can totally change your life in a day! Don’t be afraid of change – it’s okay to do something completely out the box. It’s taken me a long time to find out what I want to do with my life, and I’m relatively lucky to work that out at 24. In this day and age, there are thousands of options with your career and you can do literally anything and earn a living these days! Don’t pen yourself in and think that you can’t change your mind.

The Pursuit of Peace & Happiness

Self-care should be about actually taking care of yourself. It should be doing the things that make your life happier, more peaceful and more organised. It can be great to have a nice bath and some chocolate. But if you come out of the bathroom and there’s still a pile of jobs that need doing, you haven’t been outside in two days, and all you’ve got to eat is junk food – you’re not really taking care of yourself in the long-term!

I hope that you’ve found this post useful, and it helps you to treat yourself how you deserve to be treated.

If there’s anything you do for yourself as part of your self-care routine, I would love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂


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