Three Smart Ways To Boost Business In 2018

Keep Up To Date With Your Business Plan + Goals

Business might be going well, but even if you’re turning a profit it’s never a time to get complacent. When competition is fierce and the world of business is so fast paced, you need to be looking to ways to improve and do better all the time.

One way you can go about this is by keeping up to date with the latest marketing methods. These will help your business continually reach the right people and help profits to grow exponentially.

Educating yourself on the top trends of the year will give you the advantage and make sure that your business is cutting edge.

But what are some of the newer ways to boost business?

Here are three smart ways to boost your business in 2018.

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This guide to three smart ways to boost business in 2018 will have you reaching for the camera!

1. Utilise Video Marketing

Research has shown time and time again that video is the most engaging form of digital content. What this means for us as businesses is that we can grab potential customers attention, and landing pages with video increase conversions by 800%- serious stuff.

If your video manages to go viral then this could mean an explosion of interest in your business and even if it doesn’t there are tons of great benefits; a corporate video company can bring your vision to life in the right way.

Video makes you look reliable and trustworthy, things that can persuade a customer who’s on the fence to make their first order with you.

The thing with video marketing is you need to go about it in the right way, annoying sales pitches will do nothing but put people off.

Lighten up, make it funny, interesting and creative. Humour has been shown to be very effective in video marketing campaigns and can make the content more share friendly too!

2. Have An App Created

Studies into shopping behaviour have found that customers now purchase more online using their phones and tablets than they do on computers and laptops.

One way to take advantage of this as a business owner is to have an app created. Of course, you will have already ensured that your website is optimised for all devices but this lets you go a step further.

When a customer downloads your app, it allows you to get into their pocket. Your business is only ever one click of a button away.

A well executed app shows that you’re professional too, and can show a customer that you’re trustworthy and someone they’re safe shopping with.

3. Write a Business Blog

Along with social media, blogging is one of the biggest things to come out of the internet in the past few years.

They might have started out as a platform for budding writers to share their views, but they’re now so much more. Blogs are now like beautiful online magazines, and make a fantastic way for businesses to boost their website’s page rank (since the two can be integrated) as well as build a following and promote their products.

You don’t even have to write your blog yourself, with so many talented freelancers working online you can outsource this for a small fee per post.

Set out some guidelines for what you want the post to be about, and within a couple of days you will have custom written, interesting content in the correct blogging style to use on your blog.


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Amy Aed (@wandrevrywhere)

I think that having a business blog to coincide would be such a good idea. It’s a wonderful way to spread awareness in the offline world.

I also just found your blog and oh my god I am in love. Literally your blog is everything that I want mine to be. I’m officially a new reader <3 Have a great weekend 🙂

Amy x Wandering Everywhere