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If your blog has become popular and you have many followers, you might be wondering how you can make more money from it.

Here are some top ways that you can boost your blog’s earning potential, and help get you seen by the right audience.

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These are some great tips to help you make money from your blog and grow your income as an entrepreneur.


You might already have adverts on your blog, but they are not being as successful as you hoped.

It could be because of where they are and moving them around can have a significant effect. Of course, your followers are there to read your new content or to see your latest video, and that should always be the centrepiece of your page.

However, having side banners can be more successful for advertisers than a small advert at the top, for instance, or above the blog post title.

You do not want to ruin the user experience for your followers, but at the same time, you need to make the adverts more apparent so they get more clicks and you earn more money.

Other Languages

Broaden your horizons and have your blog translated into other languages. Some of the Asian countries are very big users of the Internet and love anything from the US.

The problem is that they cannot understand it and it needs translating into their own language. You may need to use freelance translators to get this done, but until you are making more money you could consider speaking with to finance it.

Then you can have several versions of your blog, and each different language can have its own adverts as well.

Affiliate Programs

With affiliate programs, like the ones at you do not just earn money from clicks made on the advert, you earn commission on the sales made through your blog.

These percentages can vary greatly, but some are as high as 45%. One of the advantages if that it does not matter how old a blog post is, you will still earn commission on any sales made because of it,

There are lots of these available, and they are ideal if your site does not get a great deal of traffic. This is because the commission depends on the sales they make and not on how many people visit from your blog.

You could also try ShareASale, which offer great programs for brands such as TailWind, WP Forms, Monster Insights and more!

Collaborate With Like Minded People

Chat to other people who have the same principles as you, but are not direct competitors. You can mention each other’s websites sometimes when you are writing your posts, and you will be surprised how many new followers this can bring.

This works because the people reading your blog trust you, and if you say someone else is worth reading too, they will go and look.

At the end of the day, the more followers you have the more money you can ask for from any advertisers.

You may well be writing your blog for the fun of it and have never thought about it making you any money.

However, the money is out there to be made if you take the right steps to get yourself known and make sure the advertisers pay when they should. You can still enjoy writing your blog, and make some extra money. It might even become your career.


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