How I Reach 130k+ People A Month With Pinterest

Tailwind = Traffic Machine

Okay, so I’ve spoken about Tailwind a few times before but it was time I dedicated an entire post to it! There are so many different scheduling tools out there, but for Pinterest, there’s nothing like Tailwind. A lot of the bigger bloggers count Pinterest as one of their highest traffic referring platforms, and so if you’re serious about boosting your traffic you need to get behind it. To maximise this, definitely use Tailwind – and don’t worry, I’m going to show you exactly how to use it to your advantage!

When it comes to boosting traffic – you need to get smart. You want to be looking at the ways that you can run your systems automatically. It saves you time so that you can focus on other things – writing content, engaging with your audience, and planning future projects.

When I came across Tailwind, I didn’t have a Pinterest strategy as such. I’d been working on my Twitter and Search Engine traffic, and did the odd bit of pinning. I had my own board for my blog… and that was as far as it went.

Since I got started with Tailwind, and created a proper strategy, my reach has grown to just over 130K people a month!! It’s incredible, and I’ve seen a great uplift in traffic coming from Pinterest over the past few weeks.

I’m going to show you how to use Tailwind + Pinterest together and create an awesome strategy that gets your pins and your blog noticed.

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How to reach over 130k people a month with Pinterest! It's such an amazing tool for site traffic - I show you how to use Pinterest + Tailwind to reach those numbers for your blog.

Preparation Before You Use Tailwind

Firstly, there a few things that you need to with your Pinterest account to make sure it’s looking its best. I do have a couple of Pinterest posts which go into things in a lot of detail, but we’ll run through the basics here.

  1. You need to either convert your current account or open a new business account. This gives you Pinterest analytics, and the chance to turn on rich pins
  2. Enable rich pins – use the Yoast SEO plugin to make adding the code to your site so simple
  3. Update your profile name to include what you do, for example mine is Laura @ All In My Head | Blogger, Blogging Consultant + Author. It shows exactly who I am and what I offer.
  4. Use the same profile photo as your other social media profiles
  5. Jazz up your bio to help you stand out
  6. Organise your boards – your blog board should be first, then all boards related to your niche, then group boards, and less important ones can go further down the page

Joining Tailwind

Now that your Pinterest profile is ready to go, it’s time to get joined up to Tailwind. Click here to go through to their website and set up your account. It’s free to get started, although I would definitely advise getting the paid Plus subscription.

When you use my link for Tailwind – you get a month of the Plus plan free! You can give it a try and if you’re not loving it, just downgrade again πŸ™‚

I started off with the free version and within a few days I decided to upgrade. I was already seeing some results, but wanted access to the features only available on a paid plan! It was a great investment for my blog and I’m already seeing the results only a few weeks later.

When you arrive at the Tailwind website, you will see this screen:

The Tailwind signup screen

You can either sign up with either Pinterest or Instagram. I only use my account for Pinterest, and so I used that option.

It will ask you to authorise the app via Pinterest and take you through to the main screen. Make sure you get set up with the Plus plan – believe me you’re not going to regret it! If at anytime during your free plan you want to upgrade, just click the little cog in the top right corner, select Change Plan, and upgrade. There are more options for once your blog grows, but these are going to be a way in the future.

You can get your first month of the plus plan free with my link, so that way you can try it out without spending a penny. Click here to get your free month of the plus plan!

Download the Tailwind Chrome Extension

If like me, you use Chrome as your browser, then you’re going to want the Tailwind Chrome extension. It adds a little Tailwind symbol on top of all images [it appears in the bottom left corner], which means you can add pins to your schedule from anywhere whilst you’re surfing the web.

On your favourite blog and want to share something for later? Using the Tailwind extension, you can simply click and add the image straight to your schedule! But there’s one other massive bonus to having it. You can add your own content straight to your queue.

When you manually add a draft on Tailwind, you have to type in the boards you want, write a description and add to the queue. And whilst that’s perfectly okay to do if you’re happy to, it can get time-consuming when you’re aiming to schedule say 100 pins.

By using the extension, you can pin your blog photos straight to your boards and it’s so much quicker. Make sure that you give your images alt text when you upload them too. Whilst it’s amazing for SEO, it also becomes the description when you or anyone pins from your blog. Which stops you having to type out two descriptions for every single image! Time saved, and much less effort = winner!

Board Lists

Another really useful element of Tailwind is something called board lists. Say you’re regularly posting to around 10 blogging boards with all of your content. That’s a lot of clicking around, finding the right ones and manually adding them to each pin.

Well not with board lists!

From your Tailwind dashboard, highlight over the left-hand sidebar and click Publish. On the drop down menu that appears, click Board Lists, which has a little star next to it. From here you can group together boards that you often pin to at the same time.

Next time you’re scheduling a pin, you’ll see the board lists and be able to click on it and schedule to as many boards as are on the list with just one click.

It saves you a lot of hassle and time – which is exactly why we’re using Tailwind in the first place!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Adding Pins To Your Schedule Manually

Of course, you can also manually add pins to your schedule if you would prefer. It’s really simple to do. Use the sidebar on the left, and click on Publish. On the drop down menu click on Drafts, and it will take you through to this screen. This is my own account; yours will look a little different obviously.

Tailwind drafts screen

From here you can add new pins and it will add it to the schedule, which you can see on the left hand side of the screen. This is where you will be able to see when all of your pins are planned to go out.

You can create pins a few different ways, so have a play around and find out which ways work best for you.

For speed and efficiency, I would advise using the Tailwind browser extension. You can download that from this screen, as you can see.

Using The Tailwind Smart Schedule

On the Plus plan you have access to something called the Smart Schedule. It basically tells you when your pins are getting the highest engagement. This means you can add the time slot to your schedule and pin when you’re likely to get the most action, i.e repins.

It will give you a basic one to start with, but as time goes on it monitors everything and will add suggested slots. I always check in once or twice a week and add in any of the new suggested time slots to help boost my chances of being seen.

This is what my Smart Schedule currently looks like. As you can see, I’ve got lots of slots set up and quite a few suggested slots too.

Use the Tailwind Smart Schedule to the best of its ability!

The Smart Schedule will pin all through the day and night, to make sure that your pins have the best chance of being seen!

Why Does It Matter?

The more engagement and repins you get, the better. This means that all the followers of that person might also see your pin, and it grows from there.

You don’t need a huge following on Pinterest to reach thousands of people a month. I’m sitting at around 300 followers, and still reaching over 130k a month – so you can see that it’s possible! This is my analytics screen from today, just to prove to you that it can be done.

There’s no reason you can’t do this either! The more people the reach, the more chances people will click over to your content. This converts to more affiliate link clicks, more conversions to email subscribers, and a growing business!

I’m going to mention one final element of Tailwind that I think is really making a difference: Tailwind Tribes.

What Are Tailwind Tribes + How Do I Use Them?

Tailwind Tribes are a relatively new way to use the platform. I’ve been using them for the last two or three weeks, and already the difference is so noticeable.

Tailwind Tribes are basically groups of people who share their pins into a pool of other pins. From here, you can add other people’s pins to your schedule, and they do the same for you. Both people increase their reach and get noticed by a whole new audience of people.

I love the idea, and I think it’s a brilliant way to make sure that you’re pinning amazing content, and growing your reach. It also helps connect you with other bloggers who are trying to do the same thing you are: grow their blogs and become successful.

With the basic tribes plan, you are allowed to join 5 groups, and share up to 30 pins between those 5 groups each month. You can add more by paying an addition $5 a month, but I haven’t done that myself as of yet. I’ve had over 40 shares within one of the tribes, which is great! It’s already helping my impact massively.

Tailwind Tribes are a great idea, and definitely worth having a dabble with and see how the results impact you! I’ve just started my own Tribe – click here to join Blogging For Business! Not only do you get invited into the Tribe, you also get the first month free of the Plus Plan same as above!

W I N N E R.

Iheartradio Music Awards 2016 Happy Dance GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

A Tailwind + Pinterest Strategy

To put all of this information together, and create a strategy is really easy. Once you’ve done the first few points, you can then create a day-to-day plan.

  1. Join Tailwind
  2. Download the Chrome extension
  3. Check your Smart Schedule + add in time slots
  4. Add pins from your blog into your schedule
  5. Join some relevant Tailwind Tribes, including mine! > Blogging For Business
  6. Pin to your Tribes and repin other people’s content
  7. Rinse + repeat
  8. Watch you reach go up and up!

I can’t wait to hear how well you get on when you use Tailwind! Please let me know in the comments; I love to hear about it. I write these posts for you guys, and it makes my day hearing about the positive results you get out of them.

If you have any questions about Tailwind, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to answer them!




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Debora Tentis

Hey! Amazing tips! Thank you for sharing with us! I bookmarked the page to come back next days. Thanks!

Girl Simply

Great post – Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely use your link when I sign up!


Really been trying to learn more about Pinterest as I’ve heard so many bloggers say they get a ton of traffic from there! Thank you for the advice and sharing all of this great information! ???


I really need to get started with Pinterest but had no idea where to start. This is super helpful – definitely going to be revisiting this post once I get going!


This is so helpful! Pinterest is my focus next month so I will definitely be coming back to this blog ?


Wow this is so interesting! I hardly ever use my pinterest and I don’t use it relating to my blog at all so this is definitely food for thought. x


Creative Nails
Creative Nails

I’m pretty new to trying to use Pinterest with my blog, I’ve got a board with pictures from my blog, but I really need to get into it and properly work on it – I’ve heard from quite a lot of people how great it can be. Definitely will be coming back to view this post when I have time to look over Pinterest more!


Hello Bexa
Hello Bexa

This is really helpful ?. I had absolutely no idea how to use Pinterest to promote my blog. Tailwind seems to be the answer. I’m going to bookmark this for the future! Thanks so much for sharing ? xx

Bexa |

Lisa McLachlan

I used to use Pinterest as an online inspo scrapbook and favourite pics album. I’ve only recently started using it for my blog with the free Tailwind plan so I’m still getting used to things. I love this post, it’s so helpful, I’ve bookmarked it to refer to a bit further down the line, thank you! X

Lisa |

Chloe Gibb
Chloe Gibb

Love how factual this is! Great advice and information x