How To Choose Your Blogging Priorities

Having A Solid Grasp Of Your Blogging Priorities Is Key

Do you know exactly what to prioritise when it comes to your blog? Have you got a solid plan in mind? When you first start your blog, you try to do everything to get it off the ground. And that’s exactly what you should do! But after a while, it’s time to start making plans and creating goals.

Having a list of your blog priorities makes it much easier to move forward with your blog. Once you’ve decided what you’re aiming for, it makes things much clearer. You have a focus, and that’s so important! As with anything in life, once you know where you’re headed, it makes it much easier to get there.

What Should You Focus On?

It depends on where you are with your blog currently, and where you want to take it. There are lots of different directions to go, and it’s your decision. But if you want to make money from your blog, and you’re not currently, then there are things you can do to get the ball rolling.

If you’re still relatively new to blogging, then you may or may not already have these things in place, but I’m going to share a few of the things that you should be focusing on. These are the things that are guaranteed to grow your blog over time.

I have 5 big-time blogging priorities that I focus on. These are things I’ve decided to concentrate on when it comes to growing my blog and my business. I want to be able to achieve a few different things with All In My Head, and so I came up with a list of blogging priorities to help me stay on track.

I’m also going to show you how I came up with those things, and why exactly I focus on them specifically!

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What are your blogging priorities? If you dont know what you should be focusing on, I show the kinda things that would help you grow your blog + build your biz in the direction you want it to go.

Get The Ball Rolling

The first thing to do is to write a list of everything that you want to do with your blog, and everything you want from it. Don’t worry too much about the specifics; just write down anything and everything that comes to mind.

Once you’ve got a long list of things that you want to do and achieve, think about the long-term goals for your blog. What does the end game look like?

Do you want to blog full-time? Do you want to use it for a basis to promote other services you offer? Are you looking to do something else?

Once you’re really clear on what you want to do long-term with your blog, it makes it much easier to decide what your priorities are going to be. For the purpose of this post, let’s assume you’re looking to blog full-time, making an income that means you don’t have to have another job.

How Do You Prioritise Your Time + What Do You Focus On?

It really does depend on what point you’re at with your blog, but these are some of the main things to focus on if you’re aiming for that full-time blogging career.

Choose which ones resonate with you and your business the most, and of course, add in your own that are relevant!

Set aside time each day to focus on each of the blogging priorities that you choose for your blog. That’s why it’s best to only choose a couple – the more you choose, the harder it will be to make a serious impact on any of them!

Create a blog schedule that you follow each day, and make sure that you do what you can each day. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day, but try to keep up a habit. By making it something you focus on everyday, you’re more likely to make the changes in your blog + biz that you’re looking for.

How Do Blogging Priorities Differ From Goals?

Your blogging priorities are the long-term moving goals that grow alongside you. Your goals are the individual milestones you set for yourself as you go along.

You might start wanting to earn £50 a month, then £150, and then £1000. Those are your goals. But your blogging priority would be to earn an income from your blog.

Below are some of the more important priorities that I would suggest if you’re looking to blog for business. These are suggestions from everything that I’ve learnt since running All In My Head. Some of them I am focusing on myself as we speak! Decide a couple to really concentrate on, and create goals around them to help you get there.

Blogging priorities sorted? Yes please!

1. Grow Your Email List

You can bet that any successful blogger has a list of thousands of loyal email subscribers. The reason for this is that it is the best way to build connections and relationships with people who like their content.

If you’re serious about blogging for business, then it’s really important to start concentrating on growing an email list. I use MailerLite; they’re free for your first 1000 subscribers, and have lots of great features such as automation and landing pages included in the free plan. You get a £16 credit when you sign up with my link which you can use for the pro plans if you already have more than 1k subscribers!

You can transfer your existing list across to MailerLite, and take advantage of their awesome service. I’ve used a couple of different email service providers since starting my blog, and I’m 100% happy now that I’m with MailerLite. I’ll definitely be sticking with them for the foreseeable future!

Ways To Grow Your List

There are lots of different methods for growing your email list, but by far the easiest way is to offer content upgrades, lead magnets, or sign up incentives! They’re known by different names, but the basic principle is a small, free downloadable item that your readers get for signing up to your list.

This usually works best if it’s only a couple of pages at most, and is something easily digestible. Something like a PDF works perfectly. Use it to build on the content inside your blog post, or offer an exclusive piece of related information that people would desire.

You can find that your email list will grow rapidly with this technique, so it’s definitely worth doing. No-one likes that generic “sign up to our newsletter” box, and you’re more likely to turn them away if that’s all you’re offering.

Give free value to your audience, and they will come back for more!

Check out my post here on getting set up with MailerLite and securing your first email subscriber.

2. Creating Unique, Extremely Valuable Content That Your Readers Love

It’s super important to create content that gives your readers value that they cannot find elsewhere. You might find this really easy, or you might find this to be a struggle at times.

I understand that feeling – sometimes posts come super easily to me and I can get them done in an hour or so, and sometimes I just cannot think of what I want to say! When those days strike, I have a number of tactics. I’ve written about them in more detail in my post about fighting writers block and getting inspiration for blog posts.

There are a few different things to focus on when it comes to writing your blog posts, and making sure they stand out from the crowd.

Here’s a couple of tips and tricks to think about when you’re crafting your content:

  • Take time to write a headline that’s going to encourage people to click-through. You can use different techniques: asking a question, drawing on their curiosity, making it personal and about you, or simply something that hits on your ideal readers pain points. Take your time, and change it as often as you like before you go ahead and hit publish!
  • Make sure you break up your text with short paragraphs, bold text, headings, bullet points, lists, and images. People tend to skim when they read web pages, so don’t make it one long, boring piece of text! People definitely focus on headings, so make sure these are compelling, and ensure people want to read the actual text too.
  • Share your personal experiences. Whilst your blog is about providing value to your readers and helping them, it will help you stand out and become recognisable if you share your own stories too. These could be your experiences or your opinions, but the main thing is to use your own voice, and infuse your posts with your personality. People want to connect with the person behind the blog!
  • Always write original content – even if it’s about a topic that’s already been written about before [which is pretty likely!]. It’s NEVER okay to copy someone else’s work. It should go without saying, but it still happens. It won’t ever get you anywhere in the long run, and it’s just not worth it. Build on your own skills and create your own content that is unique and interesting, and you won’t need to steal anyone else’s content.

How To Become A Better Writer

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to growing your writing skills is really simple. Make sure you do a lot of writing! The more that you practice, the better you will become. You won’t even realise it, but as the weeks and months go by, it’s natural that you will improve.

Since I began AIMH, I know for a fact that my writing skills have improved. When I go back and read my first couple of posts, I’m literally cringing because you can tell I’ve never written for an audience before! Almost a year later I can see the difference in how I come across.

Don’t be afraid to just go for it, make mistakes, and learn from your own experiences. There’s nothing to be ashamed of!

As time goes on your blog posts will become better and better, and you’ll be able to look back on your work proudly, and see how far you’ve come.

Sorting out your blogging priorities and get your focus sorted!

3. Build On Your Monetization Methods

If you’re looking to make money from your blog in the long-term, then it should definitely be one of your priorities to build on your current methods.

In my post about starting a profitable blog, I spoke about all the different ways that you can make money with your blog. There are lots of different ways, and it’s entirely up to you what you want to do and how you’re going to run your blog + biz.

If you’re looking to boost your income then there are a few different techniques that you use. I will be writing some posts in the future about boosting each type of income but here’s a few tips on growing your income streams:

  • Diversify where you share your affiliate links – download my secrets guide below to find out some super useful places to include your links + grow your income from affiliate marketing
  • Create your own product – e-books and courses do really well, and you can earn a lot from these if done properly! Find out what your audience really needs help with via polls and quizzes and then create their ideal product. Use your email list and social media accounts to market it, and create a stunning landing page to help convert people into customers!
  • Reach out to brands and companies for collaborations! Google search for your desired brand’s PR information and get in touch. Pitch an idea to them and see what happens. As long as you remain professional, polite, and helpful, there’s nothing wrong with going after these opportunities yourself. It’s a great way of getting more out of your time, because you’re not sitting around waiting for people to come to you!

Do a little each day towards earning more money from your blog, and you will see the results in no time. It’s not easy to earn money from blogging, but it definitely can be done, as long as you stay dedicated and focused on what you want and how you’re going to get there!

4. Building A Community Of Regular Readers

Of course, all of the above points are rather difficult to do if no-one is actually making it to your blog and reading your content.

Marketing and promoting your blog + biz should definitely be high on your priorities, no matter what you plan on doing with your blog. However, it’s easier said than done to draw traffic to your blog, and it can end up being really frustrating and disheartening when you see those stats barely moving up.

There are lots of different tips and techniques when it comes to growing your blog traffic, and each blog is different. What works for one blogger might not work for you! I understand that might suck to hear, but it’s true. Spend time trying things and you will find what works for you.

To be honest, I don’t really think it’s worth scrabbling around all different corners of the internet trying to chase after page views. You’ll drive yourself mad trying to do that! One or two page views do not make it worth all that effort and stress trying to drop your link into places that your target audience might just spot them.

For me, it’s all about learning exactly who my target audience is, and finding out more about how to entice those kinds of people to my blog. You want to find out where your people are hanging out, and how you can encourage them to come through to read your posts.

How To Grow Your Blog Traffic

These are my top tips for how I’ve grown my blog traffic over the past year. It’s not always been an easy path, and there’s a long way for me to go towards my goals. However, things have really been going up and up over the past 3/4 months, and so I want to share these tactics with you.

  1. Find out your top blog traffic sources – I’ve written about that within this post about finding and boosting those traffic mediums.
  2. Focus your attention on the top 3 sources. Research and find out everything you can about them, and do everything you can to build on them.
  3. Don’t spread yourself too thin – you don’t have to be an expert on every single social media platform! Ever heard the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, but master of none?’ – this applies to blogging + social media so much!
  4. Use Pinterest – I cannot stress enough how important Pinterest has been in the growth of my blog! Check out my posts on optimising your profile and how I reach over 95,000 people per month with Pinterest!
  5. Build your online presence – comment on other people’s blogs within your niche, guest post where ever possible, and share other bloggers’ content on your social media profiles.
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I hope that you’ve found this post useful, and that it’s helped you get a bit more focus on your blogging priorities. Blogging is no easy feat, so never let anyone tell you that it’s a walk in the park! When you first enter the blogging community it can feel super overwhelming!

However there’s a lot of help out there, and the opportunity to learn and grow every single day. Try not to get too swept away with everything, and instead give yourself a clear plan, small, achievable goals, and a long-term aim of where you want to go.

Things are likely going to change as you go along, and that’s totally fine too! But you can reduce a lot of stress by following those simple tactics.


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