What Can Bloggers Do To Earn Extra Income?

Making Money From Different Income Streams Is Key

Let’s face it; you can monetise your blog in lots of different ways. You could open a Google Adsense account and place banners on every page of the site to earn money from clicks.

You could also strike deals with companies and advertise their website or products directly. Some bloggers even sell an article or two each month to a mainstream newspaper or magazine.

However, that doesn’t always create enough income to pay your bills, and so there are some ideas on this page you might like to consider.

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Blogging is a tough gig, and it might mean you struggle to make money sometimes. Here are three other amazing ways that you can make money online!

Freelance writing

As you spend most of your time writing articles for your blog, there is a reasonable chance you could earn a decent amount each month by doing the same thing for other people.

There are lots of marketing companies out there that use freelancing websites to find writers to create articles about their clients.

So, you just need to sign up for some of those sites, open accounts, and start bidding for jobs according to experts like those from Crunch.

Hopefully, you will build an impressive portfolio, and that will help you to score more writing gigs in the future. Who knows? Maybe one of those marketing companies will try to employ your services outside of those freelancing sites!

Website development

You probably spent a lot of time messing around with different WordPress themes and learning about website development when designing and updating your blog. You could now use your expertise to help others.

Maybe you can find people who want to walk the same path as you and become a blogger? You could build their websites for a small fee.

You might even choose to approach local small business owners if you have enough faith in your web design abilities. Companies pay thousands for their websites these days.

Stock market / Forex trading

If you’re sat at your laptop all day long writing blog posts; you might think about opening a Forex or CMC Markets trading account.

You can observe the markets throughout the day whenever you take a break from writing, and it is possible that you will make a small fortune. Of course, you should never rush into stock market or Forex investments before you understand the concepts.

So, take the time to read as much information as possible online before pushing ahead. There are even some books by successful traders that could come in handy. Once you’re confident with the process; you can begin to make some careful investments.

The ideas on this page are just here to point you in the right direction and show you what is possible. Don’t make the mistake of working hard on your blog every day only to struggle to put food on the table at night.

Sometimes you need to diversify until your website starts to generate enough income to support your family and keep those creditors at bay.

Still, never give up on your blogging passion because you should achieve your financial goals eventually if you keep moving in the right direction.

Good luck with everything! Onwards and upwards!


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