Your Blogging Business is Getting Big, Is it Time to Relocate?

How Do You Know When Your Business Is Growing Fast?

Your bedroom is overloaded with packages from brands, your wardrobe is bursting with new garments and your cupboards are about to explode; you need to keep them all for your collaborations, so having a clear out simply isn’t an option.

You never imagined that your blogging career would take off so quickly and successfully. You’re definitely experiencing a “pinch me” moment right now. Getting more shares on your social media blog posts seems to come easily to you, but it now means you need to make some big changes to the way you operate your business.

Moving to an office space and transferring your blogging belongings to a warehouse seems like a sensible option right now, so here are a few things you might want to know.

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Your Blogging Business is Getting Big, Is it Time to Relocate? - How to take your blog to the next level!

Office Spaces and Warehouses

Now that you have decided it’s a good idea to relocate your blogging business, you need to be aware of a few things.

Firstly, office and storage rental can be expensive; make sure you have thoroughly investigated the cost of your new blogging spot. You need to ensure you can afford it before signing any papers.

Second of all, warehouse environments can be dangerous especially if you have members of staff now working for you. You are responsible for their own health and safety, so climbing ladders, operating machinery and even driving, needs to be fully risk assessed ahead of time.

As long as you run through the full health and safety risks with everybody involved, you will always have your back covered.

Hire Your First Employee

Now that you have set your new locations, you will need to hire your first employee(s), how exciting. Write a job description and put the advert out online; make sure you are very specific about the characteristics you are looking for.

You might need someone with niche qualifications, interests or hobbies to fit into the role. You may also need to consider the dynamic of a new team.

Remember that too many big personalities might clash with one another, so ensure they can all work together in a cohesive group. Overall, make sure your hiring process is fair and ethical so you aren’t excluding anyone from getting a chance.

Set a Clear Budget

When you start bringing employees into the mix as well as a new location, your expenses are going to be much higher.

Set a clear budget which outlines exactly what you can afford to pay your members of staff and your property rental.

Over time you will soon be able to assess if your number crunching was correct, but it is always best to aim lower than get caught out.

Stay Humble

You might be surprised to hear it but, humility offers many advantages. Your fans, viewers and clients are more likely to carry on supporting you, if you remain personable and likeable.

Nobody wants to spend time following an arrogant blogger who is now too big for their own boots. Always remember where you started and you will keep your loyal fan base for a very long time.

Growing a blogging business is tricky and unpredictable, but with these ideas your plans should go super smoothly.


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